Postcard Exchange

I really had a lot of fun making fabric postcards for both the Canadian Quilt Talk exchange and the thank you postcards for the quilters/sponsors who participated in the 2014 I Believe in Blue quilt campaign.

It got some of us talking about having a postcard exchange in the fall.  We’re going to do it for both Halloween and Christmas.  It’s fun, quick and easy and a great way to get inspired for the fall & winter quilting season.

Postcards are made from three layers: feature fabric/art for the front, stabilizer in the middle and plain fabric for the back. I find using double sided fusible Timtex stabilizer the best but I ran out of that and so used non fusible Pellon Peltex stabilizer. When the stabilizer is a non fusible I put fusible on the fabrics I’m using. I’ve tried it without fusing but found that there is a tendency for puckers in the fabric.

The Malibu Monkies postcard was made using a fussy cut of the fabric, a selvedge edge, tulle and sea glass for the top. The tulle was placed on top of the monkey fabric and free motion quilted in spots to keep the sea glass from moving.

I didn’t realize how many selvedge edges I had kicking around and that made for a pretty quick and easy post card. On this one I didn’t need to use any fusibles as I was sewing thin strips. Cut the edges longer than you need, stitch along the edge of each piece, once you’ve covered your stabilizer you can trim it down.

This lighthouse is thread painted onto the feature fabric. It was then fused to the stabilizer. Once you have completed all the work you want to do on the top you can add the back of the postcard. I’ve used a variety of backings: fabric, heavy tear away foundation paper and non woven interfacing. Layer all three pieces and finish the edges with an over edge stitch. If you choose to use an actual postcard for your backing I recommend over edging your top two layers and then using a little glue and a long straight stitch to attach the backing.  Satin stitching on this type of backing can cause the layers to separate (mega-perforations) during postal delivery.

These postcards are 4″ x 6″ and take one Canadian postage stamp when mailed in Canada. If you are going to have embellishments that might get caught in postal machinery you will need to put it in an envelope to mail. Remember it’s a lot of fun, and a great way to practice techniques, embroideries and appliques.

I was pretty excited when this beautiful Maple leaf/tree postcard arrived all the way from Brazil! It is stunning…Elgea has a FB page – Jeito Mineiro de Ser-Bordados — check it out for some more inspiration.

Deadline to sign up for the Halloween postcard exchange is September 20th,  deadline for the Christmas exchange is October 31st. Mailing of the postcards will take place at least 3 weeks before each holiday. Contact us at if you are interested in participating. We’d like a picture of your postcard and your mailing address. Prior to the mailing deadline we will send mailing addresses to those signed up to do the exchange. You can sign up for one or more postcards and will get the same number in return.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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  1. Sheila says:

    I would love to join in the Christmas swap , Elgea sent me this way :-)