Halloween Postcard Exchange

The Halloween exchange has happened and I hope by now everyone has received their postcards. I’ve heard from a couple of people who thought they would only make one for the exchange…but once they got started they became addicted to how fun they are to do. There are so many ways you can make your card and it’s a great way to practice techniques. Doris made this paper pieced pumpkin and added some cross stitch to the edges. It looks great and I imagine Christmas ornaments would look great done this way too.

Got an embroidery machine? Or like to do hand embroidery? This one was made by Joan using her machine. The lime green background was inspired by the play “Wicked.” If you ever get a chance to see it, go! I don’t own an embroidery machine but my Janome can write words so I was able to add Happy Halloween to a couple of cards.

This selvage edge postcard was inspired by a couple of people. First, my friend Larry who draws and paints incredible stick men.

I didn’t think that I had a lot of Halloween fabrics but I did manage to find some selvages in my stash that were definitely that. Love the “trick or treat, smell my feet” selvage…this one is going to my friend Larry as I know he’ll get a kick out of it. Secondly, I found a tutorial on the web on how to make these guys (I didn’t follow the whole tutorial :) ) Check out this blogger to see some fun stuff. http://quispamsisquilter.blogspot.ca/2011/05/selvage-stick-person-tutorial.html

This Boo postcard was just a simple applique. Got fabric with Halloween motifs? Or cut your own shapes and applique them on using raw edge applique. Try out your fancy stitches. Make use of your different over edge stitches to finish off the outside edge. It’s totally fun and addictive and for the likes of me with my “gnat” attention span it’s quick to do allowing me to get back to what I’m supposed to be doing. The stick man was made while I was busy sewing the ocean wave blocks for my Baby Honu quilt. :D

To see the other postcards that were made check out our Facebook page album “Postcard Exchange” via  http://www.mapleleafquilters.ca/

There is a tutorial on how to make postcards…just look under Categories on the right side of this page, click Tutorials and then Postcard Exchange.

If you’re interested in participating in the Christmas postcard exchange contact us at mapleleafquilters@gmail.com. You need to give us your mailing address so that you can receive a postcard in exchange. Deadline to sign up is October 31st. I know it seems early to sign up for Christmas but it will give you lots of time to get your postcard done. As in the Halloween exchange we will also need a photo of your postcard. You can make more than one postcard. Mailing of postcards will happen on December 1st.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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