September Retreat Weekend is here…

For me this retreat is such an awesome weekend in many different ways. Over the years our retreat has fallen on different weekends throughout the month, depending on which  are available. Gather family and friends, add in quilting, love and laughter and you have the makings of lifetime memories. 

Family& Friends signing the word Friends

We all look forward to this retreat. It is a time for rejuvenation and inspiration. Some years we get lots of quilting done, others, not so much. Breakfast on the front porch, sipping Mimosas and enjoying the sun and sea are a balm to me. Early morning smiles, daytime smiles, late night smiles…always smiles.

Full moon on Boundary Bay

  I love the fact that we are on the edge of Boundary Bay looking out into the open ocean. This year we can swim in the path of the full moon. This is a tradition set by 3 sisters two generations ago and this year I will swim with 2 of my sisters in the path of the full moon.

This weekend also celebrates my oldest son’s birthday and Grandparents day. It seems we quilters never get too far away from thinking about family. While quilting my mind often wanders to those I love and things we’ve done together. This weekend will be no different. Happy 26th Birthday Ryan and Happy Grandparents day to you Granny and Grandad.  September….happy September everyone!

Our Grandmother...our inspiration for quilting with family & friends

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