Celebrate – It’s finally finished!

After making my first red & white maple leaf quilt in 2009 I thought it would be cool to make several more. I purchased lots of red fabric on my 2010 Road Trip to Sisters, Oregon. Things got in the way, job loss, moving, university, life…and well let’s just say these fabrics stayed in the Canadian quilt bin. Patricia from Kokirose Cards gave me this card for Canada Day in 2011 and it inspired a quilt. Fast forward to the fall of 2014 and I finally had it made into a flimsy!


I decided that I wanted to get at least one post on the blog for February and didn’t have anything to blog about…been very busy with things and no time or inclination to quilt. In October I posted a picture/complaint to my Instagram page about “serious thread breakage d/t the wrong weight of fusible.” :( The leaves are free motion appliqued onto the background. I was definitely out of practice cause there are some wild threads…and breaking threads don’t help! I persevered and had a flimsy by mid November.

After work on February 27th I was inspired to get it quilted. I needed something to blog about!! :) I hadn’t quilted anything bigger than a table topper on my Janome Horizon 8400 with the 11″ throat! The plan was to free motion quilt the white areas and the veins in the leaves. Wow! So nice to have room to move and even though I am some what rusty with my free motion quilting I was inspired to complete that portion before turning in for the night.


Free motion applique creates an awful amount of fuzz in your machine.  This amount was after 4 blocks.  It wasn’t much better when I was quilting either so don’t forget to check your machine before you end up making felt!

I used a real broad leaf maple leaf to make my applique pattern. I scanned it into the computer and then printed it off to make the paper pattern. The leaves were then appliqued onto a 12 1/2″ background square. The lattice is 2 1/2″wide with 5″ top & bottom borders.

After work today I quilted 2″ cross hatching into the top and bottom borders and did some line stitching in the lattice and side borders before binding it. It’s not a very big quilt, 41″ x 52″ but then who really needs a large quilt for Canada Day! It’s supposed to be hot on July 1st!

And here’s the perfect backing for this quilt…I love Canada. :D

I think I’ve decided that the other reds will be used to make table toppers instead of quilts for Canada Day.

Did you know that today is the 5 year anniversary from the 2010 Olympics when Sydney Crosby scored the Golden Goal? Must have been the reason I had to finish “Celebrate!”

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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