Baby Honu

Just completed the binding for this Baby Honu quilt, pattern by Lisa Boyer from

Joan bought the pattern and some sea turtle batik fabric for me on her trip to Hawaii in 2009. Last November I started AND completed the quilt top and put it away for quilting in the new year. I figure that mid March is pretty early in the new year. :)

I have recently moved and have the best window, 60″ x 40″, to sit and sew by. All that afternoon sun coming through the window made it a joy to free motion quilt the entire top in one afternoon.

Sometimes when I’m working with a pattern I will change it. I did so with this pattern as I didn’t want to have the turtle legs and heads 3-D. The original pattern calls for you to sew two complete turtle bodies together and then turn them inside out for one turtle. The same instructions applied to the turtle backs as well. The turtle shell is then centered over the body and stitched onto the background block leaving the legs and head free. Not a fan of wrinkled bits on my quilt when it has been washed and I’m not about to iron my quilt either. :D

The turtle legs, head and tail were tucked under the turtle shell and appliqued on using a blanket stitch. I stitched a simple design on the turtle backs after free motion quilting around the turtle bodies. This quilt had lots of ends to tie in!

Another change I made was to have my turtles swimming in different directions. Ten swim  up through the middle of the Ocean Wave blocks and six swim down the outside. This was a fun quilt to make and measures 54″ x 61 1/2″ when finished.

Aloha and Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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