Sew What!

A trip to Powell River always includes an afternoon spent at Community Living Place. From there I used to run a sewing program called “Sew What!” We used to get lots of scrap fabrics donated from the local quilters and decided we’d do some quilting. I’ve previously written about Larry’s passion for quilting, colour and art in “It Takes a Team” June 2011. We were going to CLP to sew in the afternoon but Mom and I decided to surprise both he and Margaret at Therapeutic Riding. It’s a beautiful place, the building is awesome and to show his appreciation for all that the volunteers do so he can ride he decided to make them a quilt to hang on the walls of the new building.

I was shocked to see that this was made in 2007! It seems like yesterday. :) Three of the horses were cut out of black fabric and appliqued onto the background. At the time this was made, Larry’s sewing partner was new to quilting and I think they did an amazing job putting this together. Pretty cool to see that it still hangs in the warm-up room. (Just click on the picture to see it larger)

Several weeks ago I was asked if we could make aprons during that sewing afternoon. We decided upon the Four Corners Apron from Vanilla House designs. There were four participants and four volunteers.

We’ve discovered that Larry can sew with just about anyone! We put the foot controls on the table and he uses his left hand to power the machine. Communication is a must, think about being at the steering wheel and someone else is in control of the gas and brakes! :D Same thing can be said while at the ironing board…don’t want burnt fingers!

I love my volunteers! Margaret and Jody are at the helm of this machine and made a great team.  I’d forgotten how warm this room gets with the afternoon sun, I think that is why this sewing program used to be called “Val’s Sweatshop.” :D

We started working on the aprons just before lunch and had all four made by 2:15 pm. Then it was time for a fashion show.

It was a pretty awesome day. One of those days where it just fills you up. Thank you Mickey, Jody, Wanda and Judy for making this such a fun afternoon for Larry, Annie, Margaret, Marilyn and me!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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