Row by Row Road Trip — Vancouver Island

MLQ and friends are going on a Row by Row road trip on Vancouver Island on June 30th. If this is as much fun and as successful as we hope it to be, we will do it all over again in Vancouver and surrounding areas. I am looking at how to make it happen on the Sunshine Coast as well! Not to mention Salt Spring Island! There will be eleven of us on the road for this trip and I sure hope everyone’s air conditioning is working! :D This years Row by Row theme is water. First stop is at the Cloth Castle in Langford, just north of Victoria. These guys open up first so we stop there first!  Their row pattern is “Dreaming of Hawaiian Seas.” I see sun and waves.

<— This one is from the Satin Moon quilt shop in Victoria where we make our 2nd stop. This store doesn’t open until 10am but I’m wondering if we all have our faces pressed to the window they’ll let us in?! ;)  I’m thinking this row depicts the Salish Sea and the Olympic Mountains that can be seen from Victoria across the water.

This row is from Bib n’ Tucker Quilting in Victoria. The name of this row is “Swimming Upstream at Goldstream.”  Here’s hoping we get out of Victoria by 11:30 as we have an hour to drive to our next destination.

Kaleidoscope Quilt Company is in Duncan. I can’t wait to make this row as I love my flip flops and spend lots of time walking the beach in search of sea glass…might just have to put some on this row! Somewhere between here and Nanaimo we’re going to have to stop for our picnic lunch…I vote Transfer Beach in Ladysmith. :)

We are planning to bi-pass Nanaimo and head to Port Alberni, 90 minutes northwest of Ladysmith. There we will stop at Kismet Quilts. I believe these look like giant drops of water. Anyone else?

An hours drive back to Nanaimo will bring us to Serge & Sew. I love this idea of a message in a bottle. Anyone else ever found a message in a bottle?

Last stop is Snip & Stitch Sewing Center. These last two shops are open until 5:30 and are only about 10 minutes apart. This one is called “West Coast View” and I’d say it pretty much sums up what I get to look at almost everyday.

These rows are approximately 9″ x 36.” It will be fun to watch as these quilts all come together and we get to have a show and share in June 2016!

We are hoping to follow this itinerary of our road trip. The next post I write about the trip will let you know whether or not we were able to stick to the plan or had to make detours.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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