2015 Quilting Marathon

Our 4th annual quilting marathon took place this week. Lots of work: 12 flimsies to be quilted, bound and labeled. We started getting organized on Monday night after dinner. We sorted through the quilts and picked out pantographs. We then prepared the backings and battings. When we do marathon quilting we sew three or four backings together so we only have to load once. The first quilt flimsy is loaded with it’s individual batting and quilted. We roll that one forward onto the machine and add another batting and flimsy. Since we only have one “master” quilter we let her (Joan) do the hard ones, Beep Beep and the Hockey Players. :)

<—This quilt, Live in the Moment, was loaded late Monday night (you can see how dark it is through the window). After Joan did one pass we called it a night and got back at it on Tuesday morning at 8am.

The first two quilts were done by Joan and then we set up the next backing (4) so that Jackie, Ruth and Liz could quilt theirs using Happy Times…good for the novice-intermediate quilter. Jackie then quilted the fourth one while I added bindings and labels to the first round of quilts. Joan then fed us marathoners awesome homemade salmon burgers and salads! So very much appreciate Joan’s cooking!! We called it quits at 5:30 Tuesday afternoon. We finished the day with 6 quilts quilted, 2 bound and labeled and ready to start early Wednesday morning. Off to the Dancing Pig in Ladner for an awesome serving of ribs and refreshments. Can you tell I like to eat? :D

I started binding quilts at 7:30 Wednesday morning while Joan loaded another two backings. This time I got to use the machine and the spiral boards. I really appreciate having the choice to use the boards as opposed to laser and panto! The boards have a groove and a stylus fits in them and away you go. Works for me. :) Over the course of the morning several quilters stopped by to pick up their quilts to bind.

We were able to get both these quilts done, two more bound and labeled before Heather McArthur from Quilter’s Connection arrived to interview us. Heather had read about our Canuck quilts and wanted to know more about them. It was a lot of fun trying to remember just how this whole thing got started. We can’t believe it’s been five years with 83 quilts being delivered to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.  http://www.canuckplace.org/.  Look for our interview in the Winter edition.  https://quiltersconnection.ca/

We managed to get ten quilts quilted and several bound & labeled. A great big thank you to Juli who will bind the last three quilts that were still on the frame when I had to head back to the Island. The finishing touches will be done the day before delivery, August 18th. Can’t wait! And for those wondering, the 2016 pattern is already in the file. Go Canucks Go!!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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