2015 Canuck Quilt Delivery Day

Delivery day this year was Tuesday, August 18th. For me it began the day before as I made my way to Tsawwassen so I could sew the labels on those quilts that went home to be bound by their owners after the quilting marathon in July.  This year we invited  Lorraine to go along with us. Hers was the only quilt left that needed a label so as we cruised down Granville street in the convertible, top down in the sunshine, I stitched on the label. Staff loved her Eddie Lack quilt and were as sad as she is about him being traded away from the Vancouver Canucks. Eddie was a big supporter of Canuck Place and would come for special events and come to play video games with the kids. They will make sure this picture gets to Eddie Lack.

There were two new staff members involved in the reveal this year and so we got to recount again how long and how happy we are to be making quilts for Canuck Place children and their families. Nancy is the head of housekeeping and keeper of the quilts. :D Some discussion revolved around how the quilts are holding up. Quilts at CPCH are washed in hot water and so wear and tear happens faster than a home washed quilt. When both the quilts and linens are no longer useable on the beds they are taken to a donation drop box specific to Canuck Place. Trans-Continental Textile Recycling Ltd takes care of these boxes and pays the money made back to Canuck Place. Since 2009 over $300,000 has been raised for equipment, services & supplies. There are 41 drop boxes all over the lower mainland should you choose to donate clothing and other textile goods. Click on the link and then “Clothing Bank Program” for location of these drop boxes. http://www.canuckplace.org/donate/other-ways-to-give/ I’ve also added the link for the Trans-Continental Textile Recyling Ltd. Some really interesting reading.  http://www.transtextile.com/2-columns-left.html

Back to the quilts. Yes, the kids are taking quilts home. Nancy tells the story of a young family choosing a quilt because they had the opportunity to meet that hockey player. She did not recognize the players name but I’m guessing it was Lorraine’s 2014 Hamhuis quilt. He hosts kids at Vancouver Canucks games through his Hammer’s Heroes program. A bereaved family is currently in residence and they will likely take home a couple of quilts. Staff were really pleased to see the hearts and butterflies on the quilts as well as the butterfly flannel backing we used for some of the quilts this year, it gives the girls something to choose from besides hockey. :)

We had a great visit and show and share in the lobby and can’t wait to return in 2016!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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