Working as a “Noun”

This designation is courtesy of my friend Shelley :) It all started when she found out that I have been doing some piecing for Joan. I’m just helping out as I don’t have to get in shape to walk 800 Km through the mountains in Europe. Between working on the long arm and her other office job she wasn’t getting any sewing time in! And there is a trade off too, she does quilt some of my pieces. Back in the early fall Joan asked if I wanted to participate in the 150th Anniversary Canada Mystery quilt and I willingly jumped on board. Joan despises applique so I’m not sure what she was thinking participating…anyway, I seem to enjoy it and don’t mind tracing and fusing these pieces for her, she will do the actual stitching while quilting the finished top. The blocks come once every six weeks so it’s an easy pace to keep up with.

Now we come to the 2015 Row by Row H20 kits and/or free patterns. Back in June we, and you know who you are, went on a great Vancouver Island road trip, picking up kits and patterns from 7 different quilt shops. Most of these quilters live on the lower mainland and had access to many more stores, never mind having friends and family picking up kits from other participating shops. So I wonder how many kits/patterns were picked up? And what will you do with them? :D

A show and share of our quilts, table runners or wallhangings made from these kits is to take place in June 2016. That’s like a whole year to do something with those very pretty packages. Back in January I asked how those quilts were coming along and I got a variety of awesome answers…I now really understand how stashes are built and UFO’s are made! Now back to being a noun, Joan had only made one of her rows and I asked if she’d like me to make up the rows and then she would do the assembling and applique stitching…yes, please she said. When Shelley found this out she asked where she could get herself a “Raye.” This makes me laugh  every time I think about it. Besides being a nice big sister I really just wanted to encourage people to get these quilts done for our show and share.

I bought only one kit for this H20 Row by Row quilt as I had planned on working out of my stash…it had been collected years ago for a project that never got started ;)  I found doing the quilt this way took a little longer as you had to find the right pieces to use for each row. I had the flimsy done last September and just got it sandwiched this past February. After stitching in the ditch between the rows I decided this was the perfect quilt to practice free motion quilting…today it will be pebbling in the rocky fabrics. Piecing Joan’s rows has been pretty easy as the fabrics are already there. I used the 7 rows from our road trip plus 2 others, one from a trip to Salt Spring Island and the Rain row from the Cloth Shop in Vancouver.


<— This table runner is made from a kit from Carola’s Quilt Shop in Gibson’s. I picked up this kit after I’d assembled the quilt top from my other row patterns. There was enough fabric in this kit to add 2 1/2″ borders and make it into a table runner. I know some of the quilters have started working on their rows and hopefully the group will feel encouraged, not harassed to get it done. It’s been a lot of fun and I might participate in the Row by Row this year, even if it’s only to have an awesome day trip around the Island with my friends!!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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