Quilting with T-Shirts & Jerseys

Back in August I made a trip to Powell River to help my good friend Judy get to work on her son’s t-shirt quilt.

He is a retired football player & two x Grey Cup winner, for both the Calgary Stampeders and the BC Lions. Needless to say his t-shirts were very big!    After choosing which t-shirts would go in the quilt we began cutting the fronts from the backs, saving pieces to use as filler strips when needed. 

<— I brought a bolt of fusible interfacing with me. It is my preferred method for making t-shirt quilts. No matter how old the t-shirt is, the fusible transforms the knit fabric and makes it easy to sew. We needed 10m to complete the top of this quilt. It took the two of us the better part of a day and a half to get this done, well, I think Judy still has 2 borders to add. :D  She is sending it off to Joan to quilt with the football pantograph. Jesse was so amazed at how the quilt looks that he’s been talking to a buddy about having his t-shirts made into a quilt!

<— The t-shirts in this quilt are from his high school football days, college football in Louisiana and both the Canadian CFL teams he won the grey cup with. An amazing trip down memory lane for him and his mom.

This is the quilt before the borders were added. Will post the finished quilt in December.


The quilt to the right is a commissioned quilt made up mostly of hockey jerseys. The beginning of this project had me dismantling a small quilt that was made up of the top left 9 squares. Since these 9 jerseys were already cut I had to go with the 15″ square size, making it a fairly easy quilt to make as all the blocks were the same size.  A jersey is heavier & bulkier in places. It is also more sensitive to the iron so always remember to use a pressing sheet. This quilt is waiting for Joan to quilt as well. Maybe it will receive the hockey pantograph!

There seems to be a run on T-shirt quilts as I have another one commissioned for mid-November. :)

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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