A Day of Thread Painting

It’s great to step out of the box and do something that makes you look like an artist! I know that many quilters out there say that quilting is an art, and I believe that it IS an art. But, for me personally, I believe there is a difference in me being a quilter and being an artist. I was never really interested in the art programs at school so didn’t learn anything about painting, drawing, or even colour for that matter. Over the last few years I have gathered together photos that I’ve taken with the intention of recreating them in fabric and thread. I am now ready to begin the learning process on how to begin to become an “artist.” Three of us went to the Fourth Corner Quilt Shop ( www.fourthcornerquilts.com) and took a thread painting class with Jo Baner:  http://jbaner.wordpress.com/. It was an awesome experience and with instruction and encouragement from Jo, one really could feel that inner artist coming out.  It’s all about “practice, practice, practice.”

Practice Practice Practice

This was one of the first signs I learned at my first American Sign Language course: Practice, practice, practice! It definitely helped to learn ASL and kept the fires burning to learn even more. I believe it is true when it comes to learning new techniques for quilting and now thread painting. I am excited to see where this adventure will take me. Jo was an awesome instructor and the fact that she likes a little realism in her artwork made it easier for me as I like to know what I’m looking at. But then again, being a beginning “artist” I might be better off suspending that preference while I’m actually learning how to thread paint and step outside the box to create. :o

Maple Leaf by Valerie

The plan was to take a simple picture and replicate it in tread. This is a very simple picture of one of my favourite things and I was able to mostly complete the thread painting portion of this project. I have to say that I’m hooked and can’t wait to start another one to see how much better it can get.
Joan chose a Sunflower which was considerably bigger than my Maple Leaf. It looks beautiful and I think I might just have to try making one of these. It’s all about practice, right?

Sunflower by Joan

Liz chose to work on an Hibiscus flower that requires lots of shading. This flower has a large pallet of pink threads and requires many thread changes during the process. It looks stunning and it isn’t even finished!

Hibiscus by Liz

So, as my ASL instructor Judy repeatedly told me, it’s practice, practice, practice! Happy quilting everyone.
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