Canada 150

Shania Sunga Designs created this awesome “Homecoming” flag quilt. It measures 33″ x 16 1/2.” There’s always room for something this size on the wall of a patriotic Canadian!

This is the first one that I assembled. I changed the formation of the geese to the “Flying V,” somehow it just felt right. As I’ve written before, a lot of family and friends not only loved it but had coveted it as well. This one I gave to my niece Kadi.

Sean and Kayla had admired that one and when asked if they’d like one, the answer was Yes!! As long as the fabric stash holds out I’ll be able to keep making them. :D

This actually was the one I pieced/fused for Joan and it came back to me as she is going to have the “Autumn Homecoming” instead.

<— I haven’t made this one yet as it does say “autumn.” ;)  I’ve still got to make one for myself and possibly two more, all before the Canada Day 2017 celebrations.

I won’t be quilting this one but have definitely gotten a lot of free motion practice in on the other three with more to come.

This one is the third I’ve done for a friend of Sean’s. He saw a picture of it and immediately said ” I want it!!” Love how 30 yr old guys can appreciate this art form and how very patriotic they are.

Here’s a little about Shania Sunga from the CSM webpage A love of nature and wildlife is a tremendous source of artistic inspiration for Shania. Born and raised on the beautiful coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, her appreciation for nature is evident in the complex designs of her appliqué art quilts featuring the landscape and wildlife of Canada. Self-taught in art and quilting, Shania went on to attend the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, graduating with a degree in Industrial Design. Her art and quilt patterns are sold around the world.

The Canadian Mystery quilt definitely reflects her love of nature and Canada. I am hoping to have the quilt done in time for our annual Canada Day celebrations.

But seriously, the flags are small enough, and easy enough to do so if you have a kit, get it done! #Canada150

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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