At Home in My Heart

My first BOM…it was online and started in October 2001. I challenged the Neighbours in the Hood to join me and they did, all finishing long (way long) before me. ;)

It was just after the horror of September 11, 2001. Beth Ferrier was so devastated by this that she decided to start a BOM with stars, flowers and the home at the heart of it all to show everyone there was still hope and love in the world. (First it was free online and then made into a book, it’s now out of print.)

Living in Powell River we had limited places to purchase fabrics…WalMart…and then each others stash if they had what you needed.

Wanda, Melinda and Doris were fairly new to quilting/sewing. Most of our quilts so far had been lap size or smaller. So for us this was a large quilt, 78″ x 88.”  It was back in the day when invisible thread was used to applique because we didn’t all have the required thread colours to match the fabrics. Most of my fabrics were all from the scrap bin. Light background fabrics were very hard to come by.

Wanda had her quilt done in time to hang in the Timberlane Quilters Guild show in March 2003. She did an awesome job on this quilt. Was even able to overcome the “FU” block which are her corner blocks. :)

The one here —> is Doris’. I’m sure hers was done in 2003 as well. The houses in the centre of the log cabin heart are all a little bit different, some with applique flowers, others with beads and buttons. I believe Doris has an angel overlooking her front door. :)

<— This one is Melinda’s. Here it is a flimsy. I think she too had this one quilted and finished around the same time as the other two. This was gifted as a wedding gift to an acquaintence!! I like how all the quilts are similar but different in their colours.

The one here —> is mine. Up until mid December 2017 (yes) it too was a flimsy.

Well, it was once sandwiched by two good friends so I could, and did, do some hand quilting on it. I think this took place around 2008. Up until then the quilt was a few star blocks, the appliqued flowers sections and the centre heart with the green & yellow ribbon border. This was definitely a scrappy quilt. I didn’t have enough blue for the ribbon border so mine became green and yellow.

About the only quilting that got done was the outlining on the house block and five maple leaves to represent Maple Avenue where we all lived. Fast forward to January 2012, I unpicked the stitching and handed it over to Joan for quilting. Fast forward again to December 2017 and she has it on the frame and is doing amazing custom work on it!

Wool batting, rulers, templates, and lots of imagination and patience!! When she told me how she was going to quilt it, I worried that I hadn’t put in my best work. Certainly new to applique and I was one of the “invisible” thread stitchers. Also think there will be a point or two missing from the stars. My corner stars look different from the other ones because I chose to use the same fabrics for all the points. Really changes the look of the star.  I can’t wait to get it home, bound and on my bed!!

Seen here are the original Neighbours in the Hood…soon to have the 4th and final At Home in My Heart finished! I promise to bring it back to Powell River for a quilt reveal and celebration…maybe a whole weekends worth…lol.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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One Response to At Home in My Heart

  1. Donna says:

    What an awesome story and beautiful quilts!! Love the final quilting Joan. Just goes to show it really doesn’t matter how long it takes to finish a worthwhile project!! Love this!!