Row x Row Experience

My first Row x Row Experience was in the summer of 2015. The theme was H20, perfect for a west coast, ocean loving girl. MLQ organized a Vancouver Island Road trip to collect the rows offered by the shops on the Island. The top row with the clouds and rain is from the Cloth Shop in Vancouver. All others from the Island. For this quilt I’d purchased the one kit from Kaleidoscope Quilt shop in Duncan. The rest of the rows came from my stash. I purchased another kit from Carola’s in Sechelt and made it into a table runner.

To do this I just added 2 1/2″ borders. I’d also purchased some H20 fabric for the backing. I got to practice my free motion quilting and do some embellishing. That was a fun Experience but I knew I didn’t want to participate in another one.

<— This is the 2016 row from Carola’s in Sechelt. I hadn’t planned on participating in this years Experience but I couldn’t resist this row. It was perfect for my Canada collection. This is the “Home Sweet Home” theme, totally different from the other rows I’d seen.

<— This one is the 2017 row from Huckleberries in Comox. The theme is “On the Go.” Again, perfect for my Canada collection. The one on the right is the original pattern/kit. I didn’t particularly like the Grunge fabric background so switched it out to use the Canadian Sesquicentennial fabrics. It’s a cool fabric with headlines of all the major newspapers of the time. This one celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday.

The other one that I did for 2017 was ordered from Mrs Pugsley’s Emporium in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Again, perfect for my Canada collection. There was a lot to this row: paper piecing, curved piecing and applique. The photo on the pattern showed, pebbling, free motion quilting and feathers! I figured in for a penny, in for a pound and I’d give it a go.

The kit came with eleven different Kona solid fabrics. When I was making the Canada 150 logo I was considering using invisible thread to do the applique. Surprisingly, I found that I had near matches for each colour. When I ordered the kit it came with or without the Canada 150 embroidery patch. I figured what’s another $5 to celebrate this awesome country. The flying geese start in 1867 and wind their way down to 2017…another one for my Canada Collection. Since I couldn’t get it before November 2017 I’ve only just finished it and it will be on display for Canada Day 2018.

This was a lot more work than the other rows were. Or maybe it just seems that way. ;) It’s been a long time since I’ve done any paper piecing. The first thing I did was use template A instead of B. Wrong! Then, on another block, as I was trimming the block between adding fabric, my ruler slipped and I cut into the block! Grrr! Good thing I can do curved piecing and applique work without too much thought! :D :D :D The next challenge was doing feathers. I’ve never done feathers. It looks like I’ve never done feathers. Well, one side is okay but the other side needs work. I drew the feathers on with a water soluble pen, maybe that was the problem (drawing). Anyway, you would say that I loosely followed the drawn lines. The free motion and pebbling were much easier. However, I’m pretty happy with the outcome and can’t wait to display it with the other Canada Day quilts. Remember to click on the pictures for a larger view.

Now as for this year, I’m really not sure that I’m going to do one at all. I know I hadn’t planned on doing the last two years but the ones I did really spoke to me and worked well as single rows. The theme for 2018 is Music. They are in long rows or 18″ squares. So far I’ve seen nothing that speaks to me.  The quilt below is one I made in 2004. “Your Song is Lifting my Heart.” A Timberlane Quilters guild challenge…what music means to me: the Spirit of Community Choir singing many of my favourite songs to sign. 

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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