From Here to Home & the Town Square Quilt

June 27, 2017.

Dear Marie,

My sister and I run Maple Leaf Quilters here in British Columbia, Canada. Our mission is to share our passion for quilting in a fun and friendly way. We host monthly sewing days, a yearly retreat and online quilt-a-longs.  At our recent retreat we asked our quilters if they’d be interested in reading a novel and then creating a quilt, which brings me to you. The consensus was to read From Here to Home and make the Town Square Quilt. I was wondering if we could purchase the books and perhaps ask you to sign them. At the moment we have 16 participants but I suspect our group to grow to 20. Could you please advise me if this is possible. Thank you in advance, Joan and Valerie Raye.

So here it is, June 26, 2018 and our mission is complete. We held the Town Square Quilt Reveal in Tsawwassen at the Benediction Lutheran Church where we host our monthly sew days. Some of the ladies showed up with sewing machines, others with hand work & still others ready to do nothing but visit & enjoy what quilting is all about for both Joan and I.  “The sisters believe in having fun while creating quilts and enjoy sharing this activity with friends, both old and new.” Mission accomplished. :)

We had a wonderful Southern Style lunch of fried chicken, salads, Texas tea and Buttermilk cake topped with a quilt pattern of sliced fruit. During lunch break Anne played some Texas music on the piano. There was a rousing game of Strip Poker, won by Irene, before the quilt reveal began.
The pattern for the Town Square Quilt can be found on Marie Bostwick’s website. The quilt on the pattern is made from scrappy reds and white. It measures 60″ x 75″ and is really simple to put together.  Of the quilts I’ve seen so far, there are at least 7 scrappy ones.
Many of the quilts went to Joan to quilt. She started working on these quilts in February and was still quilting them the week before the reveal. Thanks Joan for getting those done! It’s funny how when we start a project in September with a deadline in June that we think we have all the time in the world to finish! :D
I’ve been working out of my stash ever since I moved back to the island in 2010. I didn’t have enough of any one colour to choose from so decided on using yardage. I had 2m of Fall into Winter by RJR Fabrics that I purchased in 2005. I had to purchase a contrast fabric and border fabric. Right from the start I knew it had to have the Maple Syrup pantograph. It turned out beautifully.
Lorraine ——-> was one of those who waited to the last minute to get her quilt done. It is hot off the longarm and looks absolutely amazing. It is Christmas reds.
The blue one above is Gail’s. She’s done an amazing job piecing those borders. Anne ^ has used a pink and grey palette making it look like it’s from the thirties.
<— Pat’s is from her stash. Not bad since she only quilts once a year!
———> This one is Ruth’s, another scrappy blue.
This one also has a scrappy pieced backing.
Patti's QueenPatti lives in Crookston, Minnesota and planned her visit around the reveal. So glad she finally got to participate with us. Patti’s quilt IS a Town Square quilt. It’s all about the colour placement and it is also a queen size. The green one is Jackie’s. She got it to the flimsy stage before taking off on a cross Canada tour.
Another great project finished with a lot of fun in between. Marie Bostwick writes some great books. The Cobbled Court series, A Single Thread is a good place to start.  Have a read and then go make yourself a quilt.
Another beautiful scrappy blue by another Pat. Two table runners by two best friends,  Lynn & Juli. Don’t forget to click on the photos for an enlarged view of each quilt.
Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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