The Evolution of the I Believe in Blue Canuck Quilts

We are winding up the I Believe in Blue 2018 quilt campaign for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. I thought it would be fun to see how the quilt patterns and deliveries have changed over the last 7 years with our 8th delivery on the way.


<—This is the 1st quilt pattern. All 12 blocks were the same. At the time I designed the pattern the only thought was for it to be blue, green and white and easy to assemble and applique. All 12 blocks were “Crossroads.” We delivered 17 quilts on August 3, 2011. We met with Robyn and displayed the quilts in the Great Room. All the quilts were appliqued or embroidered with Vancouver Canuck player numbers and names.

2012 <—This quilt has the same corner blocks but were oriented in the corners to resemble the curved ends of a hockey rink. The other eight blocks were the “double 4-patch”. We met with Devida and displayed all the quilts in the garden. Most of the quilts this year stayed with the theme of names and numbers but we did have some changes. Different hockey themed fabric was used in some of the white squares as well as other appliques of hockey logos and cartoon hockey characters.

2013 <—This quilt still has the same corner blocks. The other eight blocks were the “Split 9-Patch.” This year there was also a choice of having a blue or green border with the reverse on the bindings. Again, most of the quilts had names and numbers but we saw a little more applique of hearts, logos and hockey sticks. We met with Leanne on July 16th and again had a show and share in the garden.

2014 <—- this quilt was supposed to look like that ——> quilt but there were too many Y seams to make the “Broken Puck” block. I wanted to keep my quilters happy  :)      —–> this quilt was called “Game Day” and given to Canuck Place to use at their Gift of Time Gala fundraiser. We delivered the quilts on August 19th where we met with Kim in the Play Room.


<—-This quilt was made up using the Crossroads blocks and “The Face-Off” block, another block I designed using my EQ7 software.  There were a lot of white spaces to applique. This year saw lots of hearts and other appliques and embroideries. Some die hard Canuck fans were getting worried about putting players names on their quilts as those players seemed to be getting traded away with each quilt made. ;) We met with Kim & Nancy on August 18 and had a great show and share in the main lobby.

2016 <—– This quilt had two block changes this year. The Corner blocks are now made from a block I designed called “Road to Vancouver.” The other eight blocks are made from the Uneven 9-Patch block. This year there was also an option for either green or blue borders. There were lots of ladybugs, flowers, hearts and the occasional hockey player applique. We made our way to Canuck Place on August 11th where we met with Kim. This was the year that we delivered our 100th quilt and therefore had to have a photo shoot in the garden with the lovely Poppy and her quilt.

2017 ——–> This quilt continues to use the Road to Vancouver corner blocks and this years secondary blocks are “Diamond in a Square.” The white center blocks are 9″ and allow for much larger appliques and embroideries. There were a LOT of whales and sea creatures this year. Many more hearts and flowers too. We met with Nicole on September 14th. We went back into the Great Room to display all these amazing quilts.

And here we are in 2018. The quilters liked the 2017 pattern so much that we stayed with that pattern for 2018. We are still collecting quilts and getting them ready to be labeled for a delivery day sometime in September. Then the total number of quilts will be 132! :D

Check out all the I Believe in Blue albums on the Maple Leaf Quilters Facebook page to see all the awesome quilts.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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