October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again! Although, I’m pretty sure that survivors have their own month to think about this beast. Mine is February. But then again, it’s always with you, whether you are experiencing ongoing symptoms caused by the surgery, radiation, chemo and/or drugs. Before I go any further, are you up to date with your Mammogram?

In October 2013 I wrote about the Westshore Quilter’s Guild and how they made pillows. Believe me, they really are a comfort.  Here’s a small excerpt from the Quilter’s Connection magazine. “… Margaret received a breast cancer pillow following her surgery in 2009. “That time was just a blur for me. Just getting the pillow made me feel someone was thinking of me.” She adds how important the pillow was to her recovery. She first used her pillow as she left the hospital to cushion her surgery scar from the seatbelt on her trip home. “Sleeping hurts, especially when you lie on your side,” she explains. The pillow helped her feel more secure and let her use her arm muscles to turn and sit. Surgical patients use the pillow in other ways too, such as to help keep the sweat of hot flashes from the skin. But mostly it is used to cushion the incision.”

Maple Leaf Quilters is once again getting involved in making Breast Cancer Pillows to support breast cancer awareness month. Unfortunately there is always a need for more pillows.  The pattern for this pillow includes a pillow pocket with straps. The straps go over the shoulder, keeping the pillow in place without having to actually hold it there. It doesn’t take much fabric and very little time to assemble: pillow fabric: 2 – 11˝x 11˝ squares, purse fabric: 1 – 19˝x 12˝ rectangle & 2 – 2¼˝ x 25˝ strips.  The pattern here is from Quilter’s Connection magazine.  QC_Fall2011_BC_Pillow

Each year I deliver pillows to the oncology department at NRGH. They are always pleased to receive them. I’ve heard from some people that some hospitals don’t want them. Contact your local Cancer Society to find out where you can take them. There is always a need!

Pink Ribbon paper piecing: Pink Ribbon instructions and the template pink ribbon courtesy of The Quilter Community

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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