Quilting List for 2019

When I was sitting down to write a post about Row x Row quilts I realized that I did something similar last spring. I mostly got laughed :D at by those who have been collecting rows since 2015! The single row wall hangings/table runners to the <— left are from Sechelt 2015, Gibsons 2016, Comox 2017, Amherst, NS 2017 & 2018. I loved the 2015 theme of H2O in 2015. Until I actually saw the “O Canada” pattern I was not interested in the theme “Home Sweet Home.” The same can be said for the next two themes, “On the Go” and “Sew Musical.” Lucky for me red, maple leaves and the RCMP fit perfectly in with my Canada Collection! This year we have “Taste the Experience.” I’m wishing for a “Maple Syrup” pattern. ;)

Of those quilters that I know who have been collecting, I’ve only seen three finished quilts. ;) :) :D  I’m pretty sure most of us who purchase quilt patterns, fabrics and kits are inspired by what we see with the best of intentions to complete said purchases.

So back to my quilting plans for 2019. About 2 weeks ago I posted on the MLQ Facebook page that I’d started a list for things that needed doing in 2019. Some of you replied that you used a list, some said 50% of the time and others did not. When I moved back to the Island in 2010 I decided that I would work out of my stash hoping to get some of those long held fabrics and patterns used. I tend to like scrappy quilts; much of my fabric used to be blue and green so it was pretty easy to mix and match fabrics. I started a drawer for fabrics that were purchased with patterns/or ideas I had. For some reason that drawer never empties! Some of these projects have been waiting a few years. I found that writing a list of what was needed has helped me to organize myself. I have completed 4 of the 18 items on the list. They are small but they are done!! (And I keep adding to the list.)

It’s a Musical Ride was pretty easy to complete after last years Canada 150. What I like about doing single rows is how much easier it is to manage the quilt when you practice your different free motion patterns.

The baby quilt is made using a charm pack and the Disappearing 9-patch block. Again, at 38″ square it is easy to practice free motion quilting. I tried, what I thought of as hearts on the borders but apparently they can me misconstrued as feathers! :D I also made my 5th, and final, Homecoming flag quilt from Shania Sunga Designs. I didn’t even take a picture of it, but it’s definitely staying here with me! And the other item on the list was to re-quilt a stained glass wall hanging I’d made in 2002. Amazing how different a person starts off  quilting and how they evolve after 20 yrs.

I’ve got two slow quilting projects on the go, a hexagon quilt and hand quilting on my scrappy maple leaf quilt from 2008! Yikes!! I’m still searching for a pattern to showcase the seaglass fabric I purchased on PEI last spring. There is at least one challenge and a couple of customer quilts too. Never mind that I bought a $48 ruler to make a Boomerang quilt in red fabrics I’ve been collecting from various people & places. :D The list, it helps me try and stay the course. Hmmn, I wonder if I get to add a 2019 Row x Row to my Canada Collection?

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

PS: I forgot to add the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice quilts to the list, but then, that’s just a given. #LoveHowYouGive

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