Oh, Canada!

Just in time for Canada Day! A blog post that is. I’ve only two of the ten blocks I need for the lap size quilt. Quilt is by Cheryl Arkison at  http://www.cherylarkison.com/ I purchased this back in 2013 and am finally getting around to making or at least working on parts of it. This quilt comes with three different layout options and sizes. I’m going with the ten block layout that will be 48″x 60.”

Like most of you I have a giant bin of scraps. It is full and now overflowing. Along the quilting path I would open the lid and chuck the scraps in. It’s amazing how much gets stuffed in there. There is no room left! Time to get at it!!


Anyway, a sewing day or two ago I dug through Joan’s scrap bag for some blue/greens. (She was really hoping that the scrap bag would go to it’s forever home but alas, it returned.) :D Like I really needed to be digging into anyone else’s scrap bin!! ;) These finish at 24 1/2″ x 12 1/2.”

I sorted through the bin last night. Trick is to start with colours and then divide those colours by value. This pile was browns, golds and beiges. Beiges got tossed and the brown & golds separated. These golds have more motif on them than that of the blue/green flag but like most scrap quilts, it works.

I sewed some of the pieces together last night and finished up this morning. This seems a lot faster to piece than the mile-a-minute scrap quilt. I guess I’ll see as there are still waaaay more scraps left in the piles I created!!

<— There are several different coloured piles laying about on my sewing room floor. I want to have my flags on the darker side with the gold one being the lightest. Dare I do a grey/black flag…seems a little blasphemous for a Canadian flag!

I host a Canada Day party every year and like to have at least one new Canadian themed quilt to hang. I saw this Peace Dove panel and knew it was needed. I’m not really fond of panels as they are often printed off grain and so was this one. I dug into my Canadiana stash for the flying geese but couldn’t resist the border fabric. The Way Home to Canada by Jennifer Pugh. This quilt is 40″ x 56.” A really nice size to practice different free motion quilting patterns.

Well here’s to another Canada Day #152! Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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