Canada Day Quilts

Most quilters I know have quilts for certain seasons of the year. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Spring, Summer, Halloween, Christmas. I am amazed at the many Halloween quilts out there. I don’t have any but then it’s never really been anything I’ve been interested in since I made the last Halloween costumes for my sons. I made, and kept, my first Christmas quilt last year. It was a split nine patch scrap quilt, using fabrics from quilts I’d made for others over the years. As I was cleaning out my quilt cupboard I began to realize that my “day” for quilts is Canada Day. I’ve made many over the years including at least 5 quilted flag quilts that I’ve given away. I’ve been hosting a Canada Day party annually since 2006. Since 2015 I’ve lived where I can hang my quilts for display each Canada Day.

There is space for at least 14 quilts, probably more should I have more to hang…and I will next year…perhaps a clothesline in the backyard too! The two banner quilts at the top  left are from the 2017 & 2018 Row x Row quilts from Mrs. Pugley’s Emporium in Amherst Nova Scotia. Perfect for this theme.

<–This is the 2016 RxR from Carola’s in Sechelt. This tag —> is on the maple leaf of my Maple Beach quilt.

<— This is one of my first Canada Day quilts (2009) and it came as a kit from the Quilted Bear in Ladner. The pattern is from Lavender Hutt designs and now out of print. A fellow Canadian saw this quilt online and contacted me for the pattern. She lives in Colorado and wanted to make it for her brother-in-laws golf course office in Ontario. This quilt won a 2nd place ribbon at the Cowichan Exhibition in 2012 for quilting…that was exciting.


The quilt here was an inspiration from a card by Kokirose. The maple leaves were traced from a broad leaf maple tree on my daughter’s property. This is one was finished in 2015. Both of these quilts were recently washed with a cup of vinegar…no red dye running. :)

<– I no longer own this flag, but it was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our flag. It’s parts of two different patterns.

The flag to the right is one of 5 that I have made, Homecoming by Shania Sunga, 2017.

<—In the spring of 2018 I received this panel in the mail from my friend Judy.  I hadn’t seen any of the bigger quilts that quilters were using the panel in so I just decided to add a border and practice my free motion quilting. It’s a really cool panel and gets lots of comments even though I keep telling people “it’s just a panel!”


<— I’ve got 8 of the 10 flags made for this Oh, Canada! quilt by Cheryl Arkison. I may make more, I’ll just wait and see how it goes. It doesn’t feel as funny as it did to make the Canadian flag in anything but red. This quilt —–> is anything but red and does and awesome job representing Canada. Another Shania Sunga design.

<— 2017 RowxRow from Huckleberries quilt shop, Comox. This was my 2019 contribution to Canada Day.

I have a few other Canadian themed quilts and will continue to make more. Canada Day is definitely my “day” for quilts. Click on the photos if you want a closer look at the quilts.

Happy quilting…Valerie Raye

PS: I guess you could call my other “theme” quilts, Canuck Place quilts. :)

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