17 years later

It’s September and we’ve just completed our 17th annual Maple Beach Quilt Retreat. As the years go by  You’ve Got a Friend In Me and that’s the truth of it.

Over these 17 years we’ve had some spectacular weather and we would decorate the front of the cabin with completed quilts and relegate the flimsies to the back clothes line. The weather definitely takes the lead in how the weekend unfolds. <– 2006

This was the way we started out…eating civilized at the breakfast table. Over the years I’m sure we could count on one hand how many times we actually ate this way again. But no matter where or how we ate there was always too much delicious food! <– 2003

And it seems that my favourite meal is breakfast. Breakfast on the porch in the sunshine is always the best. And we are still drinking mimosas, Wanda’s tradition to the retreat.  2018 –>

<– It’s always a great day to be a Maple Beach Quilter. Cheers my friends. :)


Over the years we have found other things to do besides sewing. We’ve played games that included Quilto, Quiltopoly and Strip Poker.

We’ve made felted monkeys, cork monkeys, greeting cards and post cards. Lots and lots of creativity.

As earlier stated, the weather plays a part in what we do. Fortunately in 2011 we had high tide and a full moon for a wonderful “Swimming in the Path of the Full Moon” skinny dip ;) This past retreat the weather didn’t allow too much play at the beach.

We had a couple of fairly stormy days. Adam’s crab boat took a hit and landed on the beach. Fortunately all ended well and we were still able to enjoy some crab.

We always seem to be eating and like the proverbial scrap basket, the food never stops growing!


We had a very special event during retreat this year. A Wedding Shower for Kadi. She is the youngest member of our gang and it’s been a joy to watch her graduate from knitting & playing her guitar to be  a full fledged quilter. <– her 2012 tenth anniversary beach quilt.

We’ve watched her graduate from Simon Fraser University. Go on to Queen’s University to complete her education as a physiotherapist. And now she’s getting married! We are all so proud of the young woman she is. From the Maple Beach quilters Kadi received a basket full of all the things mostly pertaining to all that we do at the cabin every September.

Congratulations Kadi! & of course Hayden!

Over the years we have experienced a lot of ups and downs.  But “We’re more than QUILTING FRIENDS…we are like a really small gang.” Together we can achieve most anything. weather or not permitting. ;)

Don’t You Wish It Was True <– for you Kadi

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

PS: thanks again Donna for these awesome tees.


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