2019 Canuck Quilt Delivery Day

September 19, 2019 saw the best part of the 2019 I Believe in Blue quilt campaign, “Delivery Day.” After months of pattern designing, shipping kits, creating quilts, receiving quilts &  flimsies, marathon quilting & binding and finally labeling the quilts…we got to see #LoveHowYouGive at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice happen.

On May 4, 2011 I wrote this: Two of my favourite activities are quilting and watching the Vancouver Canucks play hockey.  With the Canucks in the race for the Stanley Cup I’ve finally decided to get my plan to make quilts for Canuck Place in gear. Canuck Place is a hospice for children living with life-threatening conditions & is family centered in its care. (www.canuckplace.org ) I’d like to be able to give the children and families as many quilts as the Canucks win games on their way to the Stanley Cup final. My hope is for 16!!! Here’s where I insert “Go Canucks Go!!” I have designed a quilt using Canuck colours of blue, green and white. The two white squares in each of the blocks can be appliquéd or embroidered with your favourite numbers or hockey symbols.

Nine years later! I find that so hard to believe! One hundred and forty eight quilts!! This was the first quilt design, one Crossroads block times twelve. I proposed this to Joan and the Neighbours in the Hood, Wanda and Doris, and then on May 16, 2011 I wrote this:   The dream is a reality. The “I Believe in Blue” quilt pattern and fabric kits are ready to go. We are really pleased with the enthusiasm from quilters and non quilters alike. Canuck fans are purchasing kits for their quilting friends to complete and donate to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. The staff at Canuck Place are equally enthusiastic to receive these quilts on behalf of the children and their families… I chose to applique “Burrows 14″ on my quilt as I am a huge fan of Alexandre Burrows. Burrows made it to the NHL undrafted, working his way up from the lowest of leagues until he was signed by the Vancouver Canucks. On April 26, 2011 he had the overtime, game winning goal in game 7 against the Chicago Blackhawks.

When the 2011 quilt campaign began I called it the Run for the Cup. In 2012 we decided that we would keep on quilting for the children and their families and changed the campaign to I Believe in Blue. Every year except 2017 & 2018 has a different pattern. You can check out the “Evolution of the I Believe in Blue quilts” in the post written in August 2018. <–this is the 2019 I Believe in Blue quilt pattern. As always all the quilts made are in the I Believe in Blue 2019 album on our Maple Leaf Quilters Facebook page.



After displaying the quilts in the Great Room we had a lovely visit with Robyn that included coffee and <— these very awesome double chocolate cookies. They were so good that both Joan and I each purchased the Canuck Place Cookbook so that we can make our own!!

The year 2011 was also the 40th Anniversary of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. This year, 2019/2020 season will mark their 50th Anniversary. How awesome would it be if they were able to repeat the 2011 Run for the Cup. And, even as a diehard fan, I have to tell you not to hold your breath! But we can still #BelieveInBlue. ;) :) :D

And to that end <—- this quilt will be the 10th and final #IBelieveInBlue quilt campaign. We will have had an awesome run with our #IBelieveInBlue quilt campaigns, finishing with at least one hundred and sixty four quilts.

As you read earlier, my favourite player is Alex Burrows. I’m so thrilled to have a ticket to go see him inducted into the Vancouver Canucks Ring of Honour on December 3rd!! What a run he had as a Vancouver Canuck…what a run we will have had as #IBelieveInBlue quilt makers for the children and families of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

An especially loud standing ovation to Doris Beckthold, Wanda Shortridge, Jackie Hatfield and Mickey Daniels for being involved right from day one.

Happy Quilting and #LoveHowYouGive …Valerie Raye

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