Some Summer Sewing

August was a very busy month at the sewing machine. Not only did we have an #IBelieveInBlue quilting marathon but we had a wedding shower to prepare for. As reported earlier the Maple Beach Quilters filled a wicker basket with all kinds of wonderful items. The Apron has been much used at our beach retreat ;) so I decided to make Kadi an apron…using a vintage pattern that  I inherited from my grandmother. This pattern would be from Kadi’s great great grandmother, Sarah Tilt. It was a mail order pattern through the Vancouver Sun, dated October 1951. It cost $.35 and another $.02 to mail it.

This is what it says on the mailing envelope: Here is your ANNE ADAMS Pattern. This pattern, pre-tested for perfect fit, is simple to sew. Illustrated instructions show you every step of the way to insure complete satisfaction. Be sure to read the ANNE ADAMS feature regularly in our publication. On the pattern instructions: Made only in Misses’ Apron Sizes Small (14-16) Medium (18-20).  Apron with self fabric bias binding… (it goes on to list size of fabric needed. For purchased binding it requests 7 1/2 yds for the small sized apron)…NOTE–100lb feedbag or 39″ fabric can be used for aprons with purchased binding.

I learned to sew on a treadle machine when I was 6 yrs old but didn’t really start sewing with a pattern until I was 13 yrs old. I’ve read a lot of patterns, learned to draft patterns, taken classes in lingerie making, tailoring, and even the stretch & sew craze. Well this pattern confused me and had me asking another seamstress to read the pattern. I was so happy to know that it wasn’t just me who was having difficulty figuring it out!! I think the biggest problem was you were instructed to match and sew to dots…unfortunately these dots were not marked but punched out of the tissue. And several of these dots hadn’t actually been punched out. :D It’s a very good thing that I have some sewing experience because I just decided to go with what made the most sense.

I also decided to go with making my own binding. The smallest binding I’ve ever made. It needed to be bias & finished at 1/4″ to finish the scalloped edges of the apron. I was originally going to use my Featherweight 221 but since Betty doesn’t have a needle down option I used my big machine that has that option. That’s a lot of slow stitching to get the binding applied properly and a needle down option is like having a third hand!! :)

<— The almost finished apron. There are two apron straps that are done but need to be added during a fitting. Fabric used was Vintage Holiday by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. Did you notice the sizes ^ in the pattern instructions? Since when does a size small fit 14 – 16? It’s a very cute apron. I will make it again but will make some changes to the way it’s assembled.

I’m thinking that perhaps we should do some kind of apron challenge?! Anyone up for it? I’ll get on that for the new year.

The other piece of this summer sewing was a joint venture by Joan and I. I made the top using three Outlander panels. They were cut apart and set between pieces of  Outlander themed fabrics by Andover. The pattern is Tom’s Garden by Denise Olson.

Joan did the quilting in between other customer quilts. We got it done & labeled in time for the September Shower!!

As always, click on the photo to see the larger photo and don’t forget to use your back button!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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