December 2019 Christmas Sew Day

The last MLQ sew day of the last December in the decade happened on December 14th. This Sew day started out as usual with catching up and sewing. Then it was a call to the table to enjoy our pot luck lunch. Special thanks to Joan for that amazing tourtiere & Kathy for her awesome tree shaped rum cake.

After lunch we did our Secret Santa exchange and then it was on to the Ugly Sweaters!  ^Joan’s crew neck Grinch sweater.  This year we decided to make ugly sweater blocks. Those participating in making this very cute block would then be eligible to win the blocks. This pattern was designed by kidgiddy at


Jenny was the first to take Joan up on the challenge and she did indeed make an #UglySweater. There were ten completed blocks with one more block nearing completion. The winner of these blocks was Kadi, and she just happened to be the one who was still finishing her block. Can’t wait to see these 10″ paper pieced blocks all made up into a quilt.

The week before the party I went to Comox to visit Jackie and we decided to make some ugly sweater blocks. Well, truth be told, Jackie didn’t really know what I was talking about when I said let’s make some ugly sweaters!! :D

I’d taken Betty, my Featherweight 221, and a box of Christmas fabrics with me to Jackie’s. We sat down to stitch and before long we were stitch ripping and cursing. Mike gave us some Rum & Eggnog to help us along. It didn’t really help. ;) We stopped for a delicious duck dinner (thanks Mike) and then decided to finish our sweaters. We didn’t count the hrs that went into this 10″ block but I’m sure there was at least 4!! Those first two blocks were full of mistakes but they went into the sweater pile anyway. Sunday morning we decided to give the V-Neck sweaters a go. No sooner did we say, “Hey, this is way better!” than we were ripping out stitches. But once we got past the initial ripping we completed two more sweaters and they too went into the pile.

These two sweaters are definitely the best of the four we made. These last two only took us 2 1/2 hrs each. I might not have mentioned that these are paper pieced blocks. There is something about paper piecing. Sometimes it’s easy to do and other times it’s confounding! Best part of this project was spending the weekend with Jackie and Mike and then getting to go to a MLQ Sew Day Christmas party and share them with everyone else.

I Wish Christmas Could Last Forever by Sean McCann, enjoy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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