Backups…they’re awesome!

Over the years I’ve had a lot of sewing machines. I have collected them for a variety of reasons. Some I’ve used extensively, some were needed just because they were antiques and had to have a home. Many were left behind when I left Powell River.

<— This Kenmore model 1941 came with me and was hanging out and taking up space. I had someone ask about purchasing a machine and thought maybe it was time to unload a machine or two. It is a beauty, a non computerized machine which means you can do all the maintenance yourself. I pulled it apart and oiled and cleaned it. It has a great carry case and that helps to keep her nice and clean. When I was finished I thought I should take it for a drive. I had been working on some Christmas Mile-a-Minute blocks and decided to add to the block total. What a fun time it was sewing with this machine. I made another twelve 11″ blocks. The stitching is awesome. The sound is awesome. I don’t care what anyone says, these old machines need to be used more often. Yes, they are heavy and you don’t want to pack them around but you sure do want the stitches they produce. This machine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. ;) I guess I’d best start looking for a quarter inch foot, she already has a quilting foot. Have a Little Faith in Me <– ;) I’m sure we can all relate to shedding a few tears over our sewing mishaps and machine blips. Enjoy.

Last August I wrote about both Joan’s and my Featherweight 221 machines. I used mine at our annual Pt Roberts retreat to complete my Bali Pops quilt, Tideline Splash. I’ve also taken her to Victoria and Comox. It’s the perfect size. The table extension is pretty cool too. Did I mention how awesome it sounds? And the stitching? Quilting small items is a lot of fun on this old girl. Betty is my official travel/backup machine and I can’t wait to take her on another road trip.

Back to thinking about unloading some of these extra machines. I still have the Janome Memory 7 that I wrote about (June 2014) when I switched machines to my big Janome Horizon 8900 QCP. They’re computerized so need to go into the shop for servicing. Maybe the Memory 7 can leave home? I don’t count the other two Singers I have as they are antiques and make nice table tops. :D <– This makes me laugh as I was deep in conversation with a woman at work the other day and she was telling me how she was unloading her extra machines. She has at least one serger that is looking for a new home and wondered if I would like to buy it. I managed to escape without it…hmmn.

Below is my first ever machine. I have fond memories of sewing my dolls clothes on this machine.

I received this machine for Christmas in 1961. It is a Singer made in Great Britain. It’s a hand crank that produces a chain stitch. This means it doesn’t need a bobbin. Right now it is minus a needle as I haven’t been able to find the correct size. I’d like to think it would be cool to make a dolls quilt on this little girl.

How many machines do you have? and use?

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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