Quilting List 2020

I started last January with a list. And I was able to get 11 of the 20 items accomplished!! Plus I made six Canuck Place Children’s Hospice quilts and six other quilts/wall hangings. Not too shabby other than maybe I should get a life outside the sewing room! ;) Looking back on the list I see that five were just ideas, two were from the slow quilting movement and the last two just didn’t get finished. So, I’m thinking the last two should get moved over to this years list.

I started this year off by finishing the 2020 I Believe in Blue pattern and then decided to tackle my scrap bin and finish my Oh Canada quilt by Cheryl Arkisson. I added a purple and pink flag to the eight I already had and have now decided to add another two. Sticking with using up and working with my scraps I’ve had to piece the white background. Can’t wait to get this one finished. It will be ready to debut on Canada Day.

Not only do I have an unruly bin of scraps I have another drawer full of unruly I Spy fabrics. Since I need a baby quilt for a baby boy due in May I decided to tackle that as well. I decided to work with 5″ squares using the Disappearing 9-Patch block ^^^ to make an I Spy quilt. Part way through cutting these 5″ squares I thought I should double up on the cutting by cutting the hexagons for a different type I Spy quilt. By the time this was done I had a very well organized drawer that anyone should be able to forage in without getting lost. I only need another 60 hexagons and I’m excited to say that the Disappearing 9-Patch I Spy flimsy is ready for quilting. PS: the wine was really tasty too ;)

I continued to work through my unruly bin making a decision to only cut 2 1/2″, 3″, 4 1/2″ & 5″ squares.   I’ve been collecting scrappy 4-patch patterns/ideas and think these sizes will work best. There is also a fairly large stack of strips. These will go into a string quilt. And then there is the collection of selvage edges :D :D :D

<— This bin just won’t stop. I’m finding fabrics in there from the 1970s!  Anything under 2 1/2″ is out! No 1″ postage stamp squares for me. I have finally had to put it away (temporarily) so I could work on the first of the Canuck Place quilts…and then there is always that list for 2020 to start.

So, what’s in your scrap bin?

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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