International Quilting Day 2020: Quilt Hanging Celebration

Hanging quilts outside is so awesome. The gang and I have hung quilts outside for several years on several different occasions. <— The quilts here were hung in Stanley Park near Lumbermen’s Arch in June 2013. It was our reveal for the “Just An Illusion” online mystery quilt. Lots of people stopping by and taking a look. It was a great day and awesome to watch the quilts blowing in the breeze.

While in Powell River one May long weekend we hung quilts on Maple Avenue. It was a spur of the moment quilt show for friends who were spending the weekend and looking for inspiration. There’s nothing better than sitting around, relaxing and looking at the quilts. Definitely inspiring.


The Maple Beach quilters (Pt Roberts) held a ten year garden party and quilt show in September 2012. It was attended by those invited and those walking down the street to have a look at all the quilts hanging in the front and back yard of the cabin.

In July 2014 Joan and I took all sixteen Canuck Place quilts down to the school in Tsawwassen to photograph. It was some kind of impressive to see all the quilts hanging here. We had a young fella and his mom stop by to take a look. When we explained what the quilts were and who they were for, the young fella’s parting words were “I sure hope the kids like these quilts.”

When we had our reveal for the Quilter’s Constellation quilts on Protection Island we took clothesline with us so that we could hang the quilts. While there at Pirate’s Park we had some passersby but I don’t recall too many people coming by to ask what we were up to. Small Island living, eh? ;)


It’s an annual tradition on Canada Day to hang all my Canada themed quilts. We have upwards of 50 people come join us for a neighbourhood celebration and the quilts are always a highlight. Each year I try to make at least one new quilt.

This is awesome:

And this brings me to the 2020 International Quilt Day Quilt Hanging Celebration.  From Victoria quilter, Mavis Reynolds: “In my little corner of the world I have started a wave. On March 21, 2020 it is International Quilting Day. In my city of Victoria, BC i am organizing the local quilters to celebrate by hanging quilts outside. Let’s share our passion and create some curiosity along the way. If you’re interested please RSVP. Let’s make this go viral and in doing so make the world a little brighter and a little warmer. Let’s see how far this spreads. It’s not an organized event. It’s organic…each one tells one and I’m sure it will spread like wildfire. Join us!”

And here’s hoping for some sunshine and that you all join us in hanging your quilts out.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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