How To Make a Tyler Quilt

Welcome to Tyler

This sampler quilt encompasses all that is right about quilting. It brings people together while engaging the imagination and creating  fun and conversation. When the first version of this sampler quilt was made most of the participants were novice quilters. It’s great to see how far each one has come. I love it that we can still laugh at the troublesome nature of making a Blazing Star block and find ways to solve quilting problems on our own. An article I read the other day suggested that knowing two languages could be a key to keeping dementia away. I like to believe that figuring out “How to Make a Tyler Quilt” will also become a key! :o The story for this quilt begins in 1997 when a group of friends and neighbours got together for a night of celebration. This would be the catalyst in the creation of the Neighbours in the Hood. We continue to challenge, teach and celebrate with each other while continuing to develop our own quilting styles. To read the whole story included with the final pattern click here How to Make a Tyler Quilt

Melinda's Crossroads to Tyler

The first edition of this quilt consisted of 9″ blocks that had too many small pieces for beginning quilters. It’s amazing they continued on with this challenge. The Blazing Star was a block that caused lots of trouble and was the beginning of a 2nd language for some. :o   This first quilt only came with the instructions for the blocks and the quilter had to design their own layout. Melinda did her research and came up with the T block to construct her Crossroads to Tyler. Awesome job!
The 2nd edtion featured pinwheel cornerstones and lattice strips. It too had 9″ blocks.

It's a Tyler Too






3 Sisters---3 Tylers

It’s been 7 years since the 3rd and final version of “How to Make a Tyler Quilt” was published. And in 2012 it’ll be 15 years since this adventure began. I’m pretty sure my next challenge to the Neighbours in the Hood will be to complete another Tyler quilt and perhaps gather where it all began.

Happy Quilting everyone

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  1. Joan says:

    Wow; I can’t believe that it’s been 7 years. All the Tyler’s I’ve seen have been stunning, it would be so cool to have a Tyler Reunion…