Pieces of Love: A Guest Post by Kadi

Jenny, Kelli and I all met while studying at Simon Fraser University and quickly became great friends. When Kelli got engaged last year to her fiancé Jason it was Jenny who suggested we make her a quilt. Jenny found a pattern which we both agreed would be a good balance of modern meets colour for Kelli. There was an option to purchase a kit with pre-selected colours but we decided to choose our own fabrics. For as long as I can remember Kelli’s favourite colour has been teal blue and it is the colour she has chosen for the wedding. We wanted to highlight the colour teal in the heart shape of the quilt so we selected everything to match this.

We took a drive out to Dragonfly Quilting and Gifts in Cloverdale to pick our own colours for the alternating triangles and ended up with several fat quarters. As we chose our own colours we had to number and coordinate them accordingly with the patterns guide, there were over 16 different colours! Now the real fun began – the cutting and arranging of the half square triangles.

We used Joan’s sewing studio to set up shop and laid the fabric out. On weekends Jenny would bring her sewing machine and mom would set up the extra cutting station and iron for us. It was our own little sewing day! I would say Jenny and I are both perfectionists so working with all of those points made us nervous. Mom would continuously say… don’t worry, I can quilt that out! Over the next few months the heart shape came together. 

During a sewing day hosted by Maple Leaf Quilters Jenny and I were able to piece together the flimsy with the encouragement and guidance from Valerie! (It was my absolute pleasure!)



From the editor: On the February 22nd sew day the flimsy was complete. Finished size is 70″x 80.” And from here it went to Joan & Maybelline for a very quick turnaround on the quilting machine.

Joan had to make a trip to the fabric store to purchase backings for a few other quilts and picked up this one for the girls. She also pulled a pantograph from the archives. She said she bought it years ago but felt she wasn’t skilled enough to use it then. Well, I say by looking at this—> she is very good at doing feathers!!

Back to Kadi: After the top was done it was sent to Joan for quilting. She did an amazing job with the feathers which bring the heart shape to life and the whole quilt together.

The quilt was passed back to Jenny to hand bind before Kelli’s bridal shower. She pulled almost an all-nighter to get the quilt finished before the party! (March 8th) We titled the quilt Pieces of Love, pieced by Kadi and Jenny and quilted by Joan.

Working with Jenny on this was great fun, we learned how to read the pattern, and pick the fabric, press our seams, and pin our points. This project was really rewarding to see it come together and I thoroughly enjoyed working on it with Jenny.

Kelli loves her quilt and said it brings her great comfort when she is snuggling up on the couch with her fiancé Jason.

From the Editor: Jenny is a primary school teacher & Kadi is a physiotherapist so both have limited time. It’s the sign of dedicated quilters to find time to quilt for their friend. Joan and I are very proud of our young quilters and how much they have learned.

Thanks to Kadi for writing this…Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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