2020 International Quilt Day: Quilt Hanging

Saturday March 21st was a beautiful sunny day. A perfect day for an outdoor quilt show. Mavis Reynolds, a Victoria quilter, set up a group on Facebook several months ago with the intention of hanging quilts outside for International Quilt Day. With all the #SocialDistancing amid the Covid-19 pandemic keeping everyone away from the traditional groups gathering this day, it was a wonderful way to celebrate quilting safely. There were posts from all over Canada, the USA and overseas showing beautiful quilts. Some had snow and wind, while others were lucky to have sunshine and a slight breeze. The quilt here^ is my very first guild challenge (2002) and is the inspiration for this blog.

Joan and I have been quilting for so long that we’ve hooked several family members with making quilts of their own. And of course those who haven’t quilted have received quilts from us. We asked all these family members to hang their quilts and shoot us some photos. It was pretty rewarding and gave us lots to smile about during this tough time.

Before my second cup of coffee on Saturday when it was still very frosty out I hung the first set of quilts. These represent an online BOM (2001), MLQ Quilt-a-long (2014), a MLQ read-a-long & Town Square Quilt (2018), and a Timberlane guild challenge (2003). Neighbours walking stopped by at a #SocialDistance to have a look at them.


After finding another length of rope I decided to hang a few more. These represent a gift for my 50th birthday, a pattern testing quilt, three more challenge quilts and a quilt that is waiting for the right time to be given as a gift. I enjoyed hanging my quilts out and really enjoyed seeing all the virtual quilt hangings too.

At 7:40am Saturday morning I received a text from Joan. She was up and had the first row of her godson Kurt’s quilt done. By 1:39pm I received another text with the quilt completed.

This is an amazing paper pieced quilt. It’s a free quilt pattern by Project of Doom. I can’t believe she had it quilted and bound and hanging in time for International Quilt Day.

Joan had two other quilts to hang outside. She chose her 2015 Row x Row H20 quilt to hang as she does live in Beach Grove. Her other quilt was her Outlander quilt with Claire and Jamie.

These quilts to the right are from our good friend Donna in Vernon. They had lovely sunshine too. I see her quilt (blue) from the MLQ online read-a-long and the Town Square quilt. The modern wedding ring quilt in the foreground was a group effort from all the Maple Beach quilters.

The next to report in was my niece and Joan’s oldest daughter Kadi. From their balcony in Ladner. During self-isolation, they were able to enjoy refreshments and their quilts. The red, black and white was given to the O’Neals as a wedding quilt created by another “hooked on quilting 30 something.” :) The red and black quilt is one I designed and hand quilted. A gift for her 30th birthday. Now Kadi does quilt but I guess today we only see those she was gifted. ;)


My son Sean and his wife Kayla had a perfect day for hanging quilts and doing yardwork in Saanich while doing some #SocialDistancing themselves. The brown and gold quilt is Welcome to Tyler sampler quilt made from Christmas fabrics. Shania Sunga’s Homecoming is one of 5 that I’ve made and lastly the Quilter’s Constellation, the first MLQ online BOM.

Our sister Patricia checked in from Nanaimo with these quilts. She makes a Canuck quilt every year and participates in the MLQ challenges. I see a Maple Beach challenge, the Quilter’s Constellation, a Welcome to Tyler and the Town Square Quilt. The quilt on the far right is a scrappy puff square quilt, all sewn by hand when she lived in Falkland on property with out BC Hydro power. That is a treasure and I’m glad it is part of the celebration.

My niece Emily of the Melody Memory Bear post hung quilts in Ladner as well. Seems it was some kind of windy as her very awesome Drunkard’s Path quilt is blowing in the breeze. I believe that was a 21st birthday gift from her mother Joan. On the far left I see a quilt that Emily made several years ago. I can’t quite see what the middle quilt is but the one on the far left is one I made for my grandmother’s 98th birthday and gifted it to Emily after Granny’s passing.


My daughter Angela checked in from Mill Bay where she hung quilts late in the day. There are the boys t-shirt quilts , The Cats Day Out (2001) a jelly roll race and a curves for rectangles quilt, Twilight. I know she has more too. :D

And the last to check in were the Jones’ from Powell River. Harley is my “other son” and so his family gets quilts too. On the right is a Funky Monkey quilt made from left over sock monkey fabrics. Little Charlie Ann looks pretty cute playing on it. And Northern Lights is the other one. I wanted to buy a Jaybird’s quilt ruler and figured this would be the perfect excuse to have it and make the quilt too.

It was an awesome day to hang quilts. So lovely to see some colour and creativity in a world gone a little bit wonky.

Happy Quilting, Stay Safe, Stay Home, Be Well…Valerie Raye


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