April’s Game

Can you believe it’s April 29th already? Time stops for no one and nothing. Last year (2019) I promised myself that I would write at least one post per month. I managed to miss March and October. This past January I renewed this promise and have very nearly missed April. I really like the idea of writing. I haven’t been at work since March 18th so time is not the problem. I have actually been really busy with sewing and virtually instructing so there is no excuse to have nothing to write about.  I’ve come to think maybe it has been avoidance. Things have changed vastly for everyone these past six weeks. Is this what retirement might look like? Put off today what I can do tomorrow? And then tomorrow is next month? I’ve known for a very long time that deadlines are my friend. They inspire me to get going, get finished and start something new. I guess I’m just not ready to retire even though I might appear to be retired since the #StayHome #StaySafe orders came from Dr. Bonnie Henry.

When Joan posted this to our Facebook page the other day it gave me a focus. I originally stated that I had done 12 of the 25 tasks. It actually might be more.

I couldn’t remember if I had finished a WIP. Well, I guess binding and mailing a quilt is considered a WIP. And since then I have racked my brain to think of any other WIPs that I may have and holy mother, yes I do! :D One hand quilting, one needs to be quilted and two more mile-a-minute sets of blocks to sew into quilt tops. < These last two are Christmas presents and were deliberately set aside to make way for Canuck quilts.

Didn’t have any 1/4″ elastic but I did have elastic that came out of a jacket that I had saved from a t-shirt quilt. And then I remembered I had elastic in my Olympic jacket that could be used. So yes I did cut something up for elastic. And, of course I pinned some pleats! I was asked to make masks that were skin tone. I used my batiks and especially love the forest one.  I made several others with ties and then I cut my 1/2″ elastic in half and used it. I’ve donated a few masks and said no to receiving money but please go ahead and donate to a charity.

Yes to making other things besides masks. I’ve been making heart themed postcards for family and friends and mailing them out weekly. My niece Kristy ^ got a mask and a postcard. #StayConnected I did not break a needle but did change needles as they get sticky from the fusible in the postcards. I also made a heart themed wall hanging for the front window to participate in the show of hearts across the country. This will also serve as my Valentine’s wall hanging. ;)

I made Honey Bear from Fireside backing scraps. It had been a very long while since I’d made stuffed animals.  Those little spaces are a challenge to pin and stitch but well worth it. I had to disassemble a pillow to find enough stuffing to make her firm but squishy. She is a free pattern from Funky Friends. https://www.funkyfriendsfactory.com/blog/ She accompanied the I Spy quilt to Powell River.

Another quilt I’ve made is for #QuiltsForNS. What a devastating time for Nova Scotia. Absolutely breaks my heart and I can’t imagine what pain others are feeling. I used my best marine fabrics in this quilt that is designed by Andrea, owner of   https://3rdstoryworkshop.com/home-3rd-story-workshop. I had to use my seam ripper a few times as I was watching Brad Pitt on Netflix and apparently wasn’t paying attention to right and wrong sides of fabric. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in case you wanted to know. It’s a long movie, so yes I was up late too. Love how his family owned a button factory.  :)

The last square I can check off is “missed your quilt shop.”
Yes, I miss my favourite quilt shop…Maple Leaf Quilters and my baby sister, Joan. We usually get to see each other at least once per month but #SocialDistancing and #StayHome have made that impossible. Thank goodness for Canada Post. Does this count as curb side pickup? Canuck quilt kits, a quilt ready for binding and batting.

It was such a lovely day last Saturday, April 26th when we participated in the #BCStayAtHomeCampOut. Thank you to all of you who joined us in our #MLQStayAtHomeQuiltCamp. We’re going to do it again on Saturday, May 16th so get your projects ready.

And one last thing, be like Dr Bonnie Henry and Be Calm. Be Kind. Be Safe.

Thinking of all our quilting friends and waiting patiently for the all clear to spend our sewing days together.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

PS: The lovely lady in the top picture is from the Quiltmakers Gift by Jeff Brumbeau. A charming fable for our times celebrates the joy of giving. :)


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