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Like so many, we were shocked and gutted to hear about the mass shooting that took place in Nova Scotia on April 18/19. It’s just incomprehensible. We know how we feel and can’t even begin to imagine how devastated those directly involved are. The Maritime Modern Quilt Guild has asked for 200 blue and white quilts, representing Nova Scotia, for distribution to the families & first responders affected by this tragedy.

On April 22nd at 11:00pm I got a text from Joan saying “Let’s make a quilt for Nova Scotia.”

At 8:00pm on the 23rd I was working on the outside blocks of <this quilt, designed by Andrea Tsang Jackson, owner of  3rd Story Workshop.  https://3rdstoryworkshop.com/home-3rd-story-workshop She is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Andrea wrote a blog post for the quilt drive and posted this pattern for us to use. https://3rdstoryworkshop.com/quilts-for-nova-scotia

I’ve been behaving myself and following Dr Henry’s directions to #StayHome and had to work from my depleting stash. For this quilt I dug into my saved pieces of marine fabrics. It was the right thing to do. As a west coast mariner I have loved spending time on the east coast and in particular Nova Scotia and its marine history. This 3rd Story Workshop quilt is full of my collection of marine fabrics. It was in this quilt that I poured the love and peace of my favourite environment. While making this quilt I decided to make a second quilt using the 2nd pattern that was in the 3rd Story Workshop blog post.

I started the Simple Hearts quilt on May 2nd and finished May 3rd. I found just the right amount of blue and and white to complete this quilt. The Nova Scotia tartan was a 2008 purchase from a trip to Cape Breton Island with my good friend Wanda. It was time to use it. It was time to send it back home. I could feel the energy flowing into the making of this quilt. Such a sweet, easy quilt pattern by Allison, owner of Cluck Cluck Sew.


I was pretty excited to get this text from Joan. When she posted the picture of her Long Arm Quilter box for customers I had wondered if the postie would use it for my quilts. YES! I guess if it’s addressed to Maple Leaf Quilters that’s the place to put it. Canada Post has been amazing. This mailed out May 4th and in the “box” May 5th! Joan had extra work to do this time as it didn’t make sense to mail quilts back and forth. She had to add the binding and labels to the quilts as well.

On the large heart quilt I requested anchors. Joan used Ocean Blue thread to quilt it. Feels so weird not to be able to get that last touch of the quilt once it is finished. Sure be glad when #Covid19 takes a permanent hike!


The Simple Hearts quilt was treated with Harbour Sky thread and a beautiful heart pantograph.

Like I said Joan had to do the binding and was kept company by her binding buddy. That little buddy has garnered a lot interest. She is cool to use.

When Wanda said she was going to make a quilt Joan had her send it to her so she could quilt it and mail all three quilts together. Wanda used the special design for the 10th anniversary of the #IBelieveInBlue quilt campaign for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

She cut out and appliqued twenty two hearts to represent those that lost their lives.  People Like You is a song written by Johnny Reid especially for those twenty two people. Johnny just happens to be one of Wanda’s all time favourite singers, so this is for her. These quilts are full of love, peace and hope. They are given with the hopes of helping bring comfort. The motto for the Maritime Modern Quilters Guild says: Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love. And these were. :)

Love in the Storm. 64″ x 64.” 3rd Story Workshop design.


She’s Called Nova Scotia This is a Rita McNeil song and I thought so appropriate as she was from Cape Breton Island and that is where the Nova Scotia tartan was purchased. Finished size of this quilt is 46″ x 48.” Cluck Cluck Sew design. (see link above for the pattern tutorial.)


< Wanda’s Hugs from BC.  MLQ design, 44″x 54.”

When life gives you scraps, make a quilt. That is–> just what I did with the scraps from the two Nova Scotia quilts. 23″ x 25.”


Quilts were all completed and in the mail by Friday, May 15th. The MMQG will receive quilts up until June 30th. From there they will be given to the RCMP for distribution.

Happy Quilting with much love to Nova Scotia…Valerie Raye, Joan & Wanda

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