Seaglass Quilt

Seaglass. I love seaglass. There is just “something” about finding these bits of weathered & smooth pieces of glass. I’ve heard it said “it’s garbage, other people’s garbage.” Well, it’s the best kind of garbage! And I love finding it. :D

I think some people think the same way about scraps of fabric. :D I, myself, like scraps of fabric. They hold a tonne of memories from whatever they are left over from. Fairly recently I started to actually organize my scraps into usable size squares & colours. This came in really handy when an online Seaglass Quilt Class showed up on my Instagram feed. I’d been working on blue & green Canuck quilts for a few months and was looking for something quick and easy to do while I waited for the smoke to clear outside.

I had to purchase a background fabric for this project but all the rest came from the 2″-3″ cut squares bin. The squares all had fusible added to them and then I could start to cut organic shapes. This is all random cutting. The next step is to sort colours by gradient &¬† value and then decide what you will use. Originally I was going to have reds, golds and browns in this piece but I had a specific size I wanted to work on so they got turfed into the seaglass bin! You’d think most of the work would come from the cutting but you’d be wrong. Hours go by while you move your seaglass pieces to where they look their best.¬†Think fuse, cut, place, peel, fuse and sew.

After laying out your pieces you then have to peel the paper off and put them back. Of course they never quite fit the way they originally did so a little more cutting might be necessary. And then as you’ve been working on this piece for “awhile” now you find you need to move a piece! It’s so much fun, just like finding those beautiful little pieces of seaglass on the the beach. For this piece I purchased Basically Grunge background fabric. I’m thinking that a cheaper choice of Kona white would work just as well as it’s covered in seaglass pieces anyway! This is raw edge applique, free motion stitched. Some fabrics might fray a little bit but you get to use all your favourite pieces. I will try this again using just batiks.

This piece is 14″ x 36″ and was pretty quick to stitch down all the seaglass pieces. Another time I may leave a little more background showing so I can free motion between the pieces.

The course was designed by Allie McCathren through CourseCraft, @exhaustedoctopus on Instagram. Check out #SeaglassQuiltClass to see all the other cool pieces. Apparently I am now the proud owner of an “improv quilt.” :)

So, now when I can’t get to the beach for a seaglass hunt, I can get to my seaglass bin for some different beach combing. Kneeling <– on shells was hard BUT, seaglass in NZ! –>Piper’s Lagoon sand is much softer. ;)

Happy quilting…stay safe…stay connected…Valerie Raye

PS: I highly recommend this book by Anita Shreve. It gives you a glimpse into what us seaglass hunters love so much about finding bits of glass. You also learn a little history about textile mills, the forming of unions and brutal conditions that families endured to make a living.

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