Maple Leaves from 2008: Part One

The Maple Street Gang AKA the Neighbours in the Hood held a few themed challenges over the years. The first of those themes was maple leaves. Due date for the finished project was November 2008 at a maple themed party. It didn’t matter what you made as long as it was maple leaf related.  <— Aileen made scrappy maple leaf magnets. So tiny & so cute. We had two small art quilts, greeting cards with maple leaf photos, one poem and two tattoos! Those two tattoos led to three of us in attendance getting our own maple themed tattoos. :D   There were three more quilts, one finished, one a flimsy and one partially assembled.

Doris was the smartest of us, she made a lap size quilt. All quilted and bound and ready to use.  Love this quilt. —> She also came dressed in a maple leaf coat and tutu. Definitely the Queen of Maple Avenue.


Wanda was working on a queen sized maple leaf quilt. That’s a lot of work in the middle section! She tells me she had to disassemble the top as it was not square enough for quilting. But she does say she will complete it. And I say, FINALLY, I won’t be the last one finished on a challenge project!! :D

This flimsy -> belongs to me. I don’t even think it is complete as I don’t see the 3 1/2″ scrappy borders. ;) And this is definitely a scrappy quilt. I used the Maple Leaf Rag pattern from the Scrap Quilts: Fun & Fast, Oxmoor House 1997.

<– The quilt in the book used many different plaids and autumn colours. ^ My quilt is made from what was on hand and there were no plaids. I definitely had autumn colours and background fabrics like those written in the description: “Stars on the black background fabrics evoke a night sky, while splashes of blue herald the coming day.” These pictures were taken 12 years ago. The “fast” part went out the window when I decided to hand quilt it. It measures 65″ x 85″ and has been in and out of the to do pile for years. I had a big push in early 2013 to get it done. Well, sometimes we take detours in life whether chosen or not. Back in the cupboard it went. It came out again in 2017 for a very short burst. Sometime last winter I hauled it out. It didn’t get a lot of love but it never went back in the cupboard. A couple of months ago I made a vow to myself that it was going to be finished by the end of October 2020. I have 7 more blocks to quilt. And I will have to go digging around for some fabrics to make a scrappy binding. Who knew I shouldn’t have cut my scraps into 2 1/2″ squares? ;) I have 16 more days to get this done. And it makes me so happy to think it will be on my bed for winter with wool batting too! In the meantime I’m sharing a recipe for Potatoes Anna. This was a dish served at our Maple Leaf Party in November 2008. I might just make it again before the end of the month when I do the big reveal of my Maple Leaf Rag quilt. For now enjoy this offering from The Sojourners: The Neighbourhood.

Be calm, be kind, be safe. Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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