Quilting in the Year 2020

What an unusual year it was. We held two sewing days before the rest of 2020 became a cancellation. As a person used to travelling by ferry at least once a month to go quilting, it left me treading water. Just like everyone else. Who knew where this Covid-19 virus was going to take us? Sometime around the middle of March the carpet was rolled up and people were at home with closed doors. And hearts in their windows. I decided to make a heart banner to hang in our front window as my contribution to the movement. Those red hearts are made from a dress I’d made myself back in the early 1980′s, 100% cotton with the texture of batiks. Spring was coming with lots of hearts fading in front windows as Covid-19 wasn’t letting up anytime soon. I’d taken a leave from work as I was working in a job that could possibly expose me & then my 87 yr old roommate. At the time, the bosses figured it might be about 4 weeks. :( Nope.

With lots of time on my hands I figured I might as well start straightening out my scrap bin. I came across this pattern by We All Sew for a St Patrick’s Day table runner using 1 1/2″ squares.  https://weallsew.com/shamrock-table-runner/

In April came the devastating news of the mass shooting in Nova Scotia. I wrote about this in the blog post from May 2020. These photos were taken after they arrived in N.S

It’s hard to believe that it happened less than a year ago. Such a devastating year for so many people.

I made this -> I Spy quilt in January for a beautiful baby boy, Teddy, who arrived in May. Since I wasn’t using the ferry, Joan and I were using Canada Post. Quilts were shipped back and forth in various stages. I know that Teddy’s family loves his quilt and here’s hoping that the two Nova Scotia quilts bring comfort to those who received them.

June saw the start of back to work for some who had been shut down since March.

Amazing how many people have cotton sheets looking for a home. My niece needed some gowns for her job so I collected some sheets, dismantled a disposable gown and sheets became gowns. Flat felled seams were used! Of course many facemasks were made during those first months as well as lots of “thinking of you” postcards. (And here it is 2021 and we’re still wearing masks.)

I’ve written about this quilt too. Was pleased to get it completed in time for July 1st. It is backed with the leftover piece of beige sheet that I used for Kadi’s gowns. This quilt was a long time in the making as in old scraps, a 5 year old pattern and a couple of 1 year old flag blocks. It was the perfect size to practice my free motion quilting. Hopefully this coming July I will be able to show it off at my annual Canada Day party!

Not forgetting that I had been working on Canuck Place quilts since January. I made 5 for Canuck Place and decided to make two more with fabric I purchased from the Calico Cupboard in late 2019. I wanted to have a 10th anniversary quilt <– for both Joan & I using white maple leaf fabrics & the Maple Syrup pantograph. Since we weren’t able to travel freely this year we didn’t have a quilt-a-thon, leaving a lot of the work to Joan. Jackie & I were able to make a quick trip over to apply binding & labels on September 1st. October 8th saw us deliver quilts to Canuck Place outside in the gardens & wearing facemasks.

September also saw us with low air quality due to the fires burning in the states below the border. We not only had to stay home but inside as well. I decided to take an online course offered by Exhausted Octopus. It was rather mindless and invigorating at the same time. It is the first of many “Seaglass” quilts that I plan to make. Sure hope my friends & family like seaglass. ;)

<— This was a huge finish. I wrote about it in October 2020. Twelve years in the making. It has been a wonderful addition to my winter bed covers! When I first finished it I was excited to see it done. But I wasn’t sure that I loved it. But as I see it every day on my bed I see that it makes me smile. The colours are so rich and I love the blues that are in this quilt. They remind me of beautiful blue sky days, especially the blue sky days of June. “Stars on the black background fabrics evoke a night sky, while splashes of blue herald the coming day.” <– from the quilt pattern  description. Yes, I’m going to say that I love this quilt and can see the end of this Covid-19 detour.

I wrote about this —> in November 2020. I was feeling somewhat down hearing about all the crap happening in the world. Perspective seemed to be in very short supply. I know I was feeling like striking out at the stupidity going on. I also made it official & retired on the 2nd. Breathe. I took this piece down to my zen zone to photograph. Fresh air, freedom & the sound of the ocean. :) Best kind. I added my 2020 poppy to this piece and have since received a beautiful wool felted poppy from Joan to add to this “Between the Crosses” piece.

As of November 19, 2020 there were added restrictions as to what you could do and where you could go. Pretty much a person just needed to stay home and not go shopping. Stay out of other people’s houses. December saw my Christmas “workshop” in full swing making pillowcases, placemats, mug rugs, gift bags and microwave bowl holders. Thankfully I have fabrics, patterns and supplies in stock. ;) FedEx did a very good job with deliveries.

It was indeed a very unique year. I’m going to make a list of quilts/projects that I want to do this year. And then see how many get achieved while socializing with my quilting buddies. In the meantime enjoy a little peace… Silver Sea by the Garrison Brothers.  Let’s all Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe.

Happy quilting in 2021…Valerie Raye

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