Electric Quilt 7 or EQ7

This week I’m putting together the instructions for the 6th block in the Quilter’s Constellation.  It’s a funny thing how one BOM can turn into 3 in one month. This weekend I know at least two quilters who will be making their December and January blocks. I also heard that there were several blocks being made in Powell River last weekend. It’s been fun to see the blocks that are being posted and, like you, can’t wait to see what they will all look like when they are finally assembled in June. Today, instead of writing instructions for February’s block, I decided to play with my EQ7. Electric Quilt 7 is a software programme that Maple Leaf Quilters purchased last fall and I still haven’t got it figured out.  Might be that I actually need to spend some time with it too :)   I started playing with quilt layouts and then decided to try some of the Quilter’s Constellation star blocks in the layout. When you upload a block EQ7 automatically adds the colours to the fabric stash in the programme. There will be 9 different blocks in the quilt but for this practice session I just used 2 or 3  blocks.

Kayla's Maple Star, Star of Hope and Rising Star

Angela's Maple Star & Star of Hope

Shelley's Star of Hope & Simplex Star

It was a fun process as I learned how to upload pictures of the blocks and get more fabric/colour choices at the same time. Perhaps tomorrow I will get on with writing February’s instructions.

Happy Quilting, Valerie Raye

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