2020 International Quilt Day: Quilt Hanging

Saturday March 21st was a beautiful sunny day. A perfect day for an outdoor quilt show. Mavis Reynolds, a Victoria quilter, set up a group on Facebook several months ago with the intention of hanging quilts outside for International Quilt Day. With all the #SocialDistancing amid the Covid-19 pandemic keeping everyone away from the traditional groups gathering this day, it was a wonderful way to celebrate quilting safely. There were posts from all over Canada, the USA and overseas showing beautiful quilts. Some had snow and wind, while others were lucky to have sunshine and a slight breeze. The quilt here^ is my very first guild challenge (2002) and is the inspiration for this blog.

Joan and I have been quilting for so long that we’ve hooked several family members with making quilts of their own. And of course those who haven’t quilted have received quilts from us. We asked all these family members to hang their quilts and shoot us some photos. It was pretty rewarding and gave us lots to smile about during this tough time.

Before my second cup of coffee on Saturday when it was still very frosty out I hung the first set of quilts. These represent an online BOM (2001), MLQ Quilt-a-long (2014), a MLQ read-a-long & Town Square Quilt (2018), and a Timberlane guild challenge (2003). Neighbours walking stopped by at a #SocialDistance to have a look at them.


After finding another length of rope I decided to hang a few more. These represent a gift for my 50th birthday, a pattern testing quilt, three more challenge quilts and a quilt that is waiting for the right time to be given as a gift. I enjoyed hanging my quilts out and really enjoyed seeing all the virtual quilt hangings too.

At 7:40am Saturday morning I received a text from Joan. She was up and had the first row of her godson Kurt’s quilt done. By 1:39pm I received another text with the quilt completed.

This is an amazing paper pieced quilt. It’s a free quilt pattern by Project of Doom. I can’t believe she had it quilted and bound and hanging in time for International Quilt Day.

Joan had two other quilts to hang outside. She chose her 2015 Row x Row H20 quilt to hang as she does live in Beach Grove. Her other quilt was her Outlander quilt with Claire and Jamie.

These quilts to the right are from our good friend Donna in Vernon. They had lovely sunshine too. I see her quilt (blue) from the MLQ online read-a-long and the Town Square quilt. The modern wedding ring quilt in the foreground was a group effort from all the Maple Beach quilters.

The next to report in was my niece and Joan’s oldest daughter Kadi. From their balcony in Ladner. During self-isolation, they were able to enjoy refreshments and their quilts. The red, black and white was given to the O’Neals as a wedding quilt created by another “hooked on quilting 30 something.” :) The red and black quilt is one I designed and hand quilted. A gift for her 30th birthday. Now Kadi does quilt but I guess today we only see those she was gifted. ;)


My son Sean and his wife Kayla had a perfect day for hanging quilts and doing yardwork in Saanich while doing some #SocialDistancing themselves. The brown and gold quilt is Welcome to Tyler sampler quilt made from Christmas fabrics. Shania Sunga’s Homecoming is one of 5 that I’ve made and lastly the Quilter’s Constellation, the first MLQ online BOM.

Our sister Patricia checked in from Nanaimo with these quilts. She makes a Canuck quilt every year and participates in the MLQ challenges. I see a Maple Beach challenge, the Quilter’s Constellation, a Welcome to Tyler and the Town Square Quilt. The quilt on the far right is a scrappy puff square quilt, all sewn by hand when she lived in Falkland on property with out BC Hydro power. That is a treasure and I’m glad it is part of the celebration.

My niece Emily of the Melody Memory Bear post hung quilts in Ladner as well. Seems it was some kind of windy as her very awesome Drunkard’s Path quilt is blowing in the breeze. I believe that was a 21st birthday gift from her mother Joan. On the far left I see a quilt that Emily made several years ago. I can’t quite see what the middle quilt is but the one on the far left is one I made for my grandmother’s 98th birthday and gifted it to Emily after Granny’s passing.


My daughter Angela checked in from Mill Bay where she hung quilts late in the day. There are the boys t-shirt quilts , The Cats Day Out (2001) a jelly roll race and a curves for rectangles quilt, Twilight. I know she has more too. :D

And the last to check in were the Jones’ from Powell River. Harley is my “other son” and so his family gets quilts too. On the right is a Funky Monkey quilt made from left over sock monkey fabrics. Little Charlie Ann looks pretty cute playing on it. And Northern Lights is the other one. I wanted to buy a Jaybird’s quilt ruler and figured this would be the perfect excuse to have it and make the quilt too.

It was an awesome day to hang quilts. So lovely to see some colour and creativity in a world gone a little bit wonky.

Happy Quilting, Stay Safe, Stay Home, Be Well…Valerie Raye


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The Next Generation:Miss Emily Raye 2.0

I love to see the art of sewing returning to our younger generation. Back in June 2013 I wrote about my niece, Miss Emily and her quilting while a student at university. I taught her to sew back in 1996. She is a natural. She seamed ;) to sew with ease through her high school classes.  She has made several quilts over the last few years and now has turned to sewing memory bears. These bears are made from dress shirts.






Funky Friends Factory is a pretty fun website and blog. “Hi, I’m Pauline McArthur, the Australian soft toy designer behind the Funky Friends Factory. When people ask me HOW the Funky Friends Factory got started…I say that it all began with a BUNNY! Pauline has a blog that has amazing tutorials. https://www.funkyfriendsfactory.com/blog/ There is a tutorial on how to make the above bears, Melody Memory Bear, using baby clothes or like Emily’s bears, shirts will do too. Of course you have to purchase the pattern first! I signed up for a newsletter and now have a free pattern to make “Honey Teddy Bear.”

So now with each baby quilt I just may have to sew this cute little bear.

It’s sew much fun to have this next generation join us for sew days each month and to hear that they have space set aside at home to keep on sewing. Next blog post is about “thirty somethings” making a quilt for for their “thirty something” friend.

Happy quilting…Valerie Raye

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International Quilting Day 2020: Quilt Hanging Celebration

Hanging quilts outside is so awesome. The gang and I have hung quilts outside for several years on several different occasions. <— The quilts here were hung in Stanley Park near Lumbermen’s Arch in June 2013. It was our reveal for the “Just An Illusion” online mystery quilt. Lots of people stopping by and taking a look. It was a great day and awesome to watch the quilts blowing in the breeze.

While in Powell River one May long weekend we hung quilts on Maple Avenue. It was a spur of the moment quilt show for friends who were spending the weekend and looking for inspiration. There’s nothing better than sitting around, relaxing and looking at the quilts. Definitely inspiring.


The Maple Beach quilters (Pt Roberts) held a ten year garden party and quilt show in September 2012. It was attended by those invited and those walking down the street to have a look at all the quilts hanging in the front and back yard of the cabin.

In July 2014 Joan and I took all sixteen Canuck Place quilts down to the school in Tsawwassen to photograph. It was some kind of impressive to see all the quilts hanging here. We had a young fella and his mom stop by to take a look. When we explained what the quilts were and who they were for, the young fella’s parting words were “I sure hope the kids like these quilts.”

When we had our reveal for the Quilter’s Constellation quilts on Protection Island we took clothesline with us so that we could hang the quilts. While there at Pirate’s Park we had some passersby but I don’t recall too many people coming by to ask what we were up to. Small Island living, eh? ;)


It’s an annual tradition on Canada Day to hang all my Canada themed quilts. We have upwards of 50 people come join us for a neighbourhood celebration and the quilts are always a highlight. Each year I try to make at least one new quilt.

This is awesome: https://fogoislandinn.ca/tag/quilt-hang-out/

And this brings me to the 2020 International Quilt Day Quilt Hanging Celebration.  From Victoria quilter, Mavis Reynolds: “In my little corner of the world I have started a wave. On March 21, 2020 it is International Quilting Day. In my city of Victoria, BC i am organizing the local quilters to celebrate by hanging quilts outside. Let’s share our passion and create some curiosity along the way. If you’re interested please RSVP. Let’s make this go viral and in doing so make the world a little brighter and a little warmer. Let’s see how far this spreads. It’s not an organized event. It’s organic…each one tells one and I’m sure it will spread like wildfire. Join us!”

And here’s hoping for some sunshine and that you all join us in hanging your quilts out.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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MLQ: Ten Years & Counting

The last little while I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about our #IBelieveInBlue quilt campaign. It’s 10 years old. That got me thinking that Maple Leaf Quilters and the Neighbours in the Hood blog is also 10 years old!                                                                           <—-Chesapeake Landing, December 2011.

Most years we’ve held 10 sewing days, one each month. We started out at Chesapeake Landing in Ladner where we quilted all day and Joan served us an amazing lunch. We were there for seven years until we moved to the Benediction Church in Tsawwassen. We continue to quilt all day but we no longer serve a lunch but have lots of lovely cookies, tea and coffee on the go.

In September 2011 we started our first online BOM, A Quilter’s Constellation. It finished in June 2012 with a Show & Share on Protection Island.

Each month I would post instructions for each star block. We added a twist using Sharyn Squiers Craig’s Twist & Turn method. Some liked it, others did not! ;) This was a learning curve for me and one I really enjoyed doing. Good thing I wasn’t actually working a full time job.


We also hosted a Kid’s Quilt Camp in Nanaimo. We had seven children ages 4-8 make a placemat. I had pre-cut the kits and they assembled them in the split 9-patch block & added a side border. Each child was paired with an adult. We served them a picnic lunch in a reusable container. This was so much fun, we might have to try this again.


We started adding Quilt Camps to our schedule in the spring of 2012. We went to Edenvale Retreat Centre in Abbotsford each year from 2012 to 2017. After taking a break in 2018 we moved to Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre in 2019. May 2020 will see us back at Loon Lake.

September 2012 we hosted another online quilt project. This time it was a mystery quilt. I designed the pattern, Just an Illusion, and posted it every 2 weeks until December. Loved that everyone involved chose a gumshoe name. We held the Show & Share at Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park in June 2013. Definitely a lot of work but still so much fun.

With all intents and purposes we were going to host another online quilt project in 2013. But I ran into a little bit of trouble with my cancer treatments and recovery and just didn’t have the energy to put into it. So we decided to try a year long quilt-a-long using the Endless Chain quilt pattern.  Certainly learned that “give an inch, take a mile” crosses over into quilting deadlines too.  ^^^ Here we have three of the Endless Chain quilts done. I believe there was one other completed & perhaps another one partially done as well.

<— With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month we’ve made several pillows for the cancer clinic at NRGH.

In the early years we would take a ferry or two and go see our sewing friends in Powell River. We did three workshops there. Some were experienced quilters with others just learning. Workshops included a Spiral Log Cabin, Maritime Beauty & Wonky Log Cabin. And of course there is always the need to assist someone with finishing projects from times gone well past! :D   The quilt above ^ is Larry’s “Fiesta Log Cabin.” That is one of my favourites, love the colours.

During our Sew Days we have offered workshops if anyone was interested. The Fruit Smoothie, a Karen Neary pattern, was an all day and evening affair. That meant we served lunch and dinner as well. Below is the “Tropical Fruit Punch.”

We did workshops for T-Shirt Quilts, Mile-a-Minute and a Christmas in July. We’ve also hosted postcard exchanges for both Christmas and Halloween. Love making postcards.

In June 2015 we had an amazing Row x Row road trip on Vancouver Island.  Quilters traveled from Tsawwassen, Powell River and Nanaimo to Victoria to begin the road trip.

We stopped at seven quilt shops along the way. We had a picnic lunch in Ladysmith and dinner in Nanaimo. Many miles, smiles and dollars well spent that day. Some of the ladies made the Row x Row mascot, Bobbin Robin. H20 was the theme this year.

In September 2017 we decided to do another online quilt project. We were in touch with Marie Bostwick about her book, From Here to Home. The Town Square quilt was part of the story. Everyone participating read the book and then made the quilt.  In June 2018 we had the reveal along with a southern fried luncheon at the Benediction Church. There were sixteen completed quilts. This was a much easier online quilt project as I didn’t have to write and post a pattern. :)

And then of course there is my favourite part of Maple Leaf Quilters. Our #IBelieveInBlue quilt campaign for the children and families at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. That first year was so hectic when it came to making those quilts. We made it up as we went along. Crammed the making of 17 quilts into 3 1/2 months. All quilts quilted on domestic machines. Bindings all hand stitched as were the labels. So much energy and excitement making these quilts. What a high we were on when we finally delivered that first batch of quilts.

And here we are 10 yrs later. While most are quilted on Maybelline, there are still some quilted on domestic machines. Bindings and labels are now applied by machine. The applique and embroidery is amazing. These quilts are amazing and so are the quilters who have been on this 10 year journey with us. When we started MLQ 10 years ago we started with “We are sisters who have started out on this adventure and want to invite you along. Our goal is to bring like minded quilters together, no matter the skill level…” Well I’d say we have achieved this over and above anything we had dreamed of. :)

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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Quilting List 2020

I started last January with a list. And I was able to get 11 of the 20 items accomplished!! Plus I made six Canuck Place Children’s Hospice quilts and six other quilts/wall hangings. Not too shabby other than maybe I should get a life outside the sewing room! ;) Looking back on the list I see that five were just ideas, two were from the slow quilting movement and the last two just didn’t get finished. So, I’m thinking the last two should get moved over to this years list.

I started this year off by finishing the 2020 I Believe in Blue pattern and then decided to tackle my scrap bin and finish my Oh Canada quilt by Cheryl Arkisson. I added a purple and pink flag to the eight I already had and have now decided to add another two. Sticking with using up and working with my scraps I’ve had to piece the white background. Can’t wait to get this one finished. It will be ready to debut on Canada Day.

Not only do I have an unruly bin of scraps I have another drawer full of unruly I Spy fabrics. Since I need a baby quilt for a baby boy due in May I decided to tackle that as well. I decided to work with 5″ squares using the Disappearing 9-Patch block ^^^ to make an I Spy quilt. Part way through cutting these 5″ squares I thought I should double up on the cutting by cutting the hexagons for a different type I Spy quilt. By the time this was done I had a very well organized drawer that anyone should be able to forage in without getting lost. I only need another 60 hexagons and I’m excited to say that the Disappearing 9-Patch I Spy flimsy is ready for quilting. PS: the wine was really tasty too ;)

I continued to work through my unruly bin making a decision to only cut 2 1/2″, 3″, 4 1/2″ & 5″ squares.   I’ve been collecting scrappy 4-patch patterns/ideas and think these sizes will work best. There is also a fairly large stack of strips. These will go into a string quilt. And then there is the collection of selvage edges :D :D :D

<— This bin just won’t stop. I’m finding fabrics in there from the 1970s!  Anything under 2 1/2″ is out! No 1″ postage stamp squares for me. I have finally had to put it away (temporarily) so I could work on the first of the Canuck Place quilts…and then there is always that list for 2020 to start.

So, what’s in your scrap bin?

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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Backups…they’re awesome!

Over the years I’ve had a lot of sewing machines. I have collected them for a variety of reasons. Some I’ve used extensively, some were needed just because they were antiques and had to have a home. Many were left behind when I left Powell River.

<— This Kenmore model 1941 came with me and was hanging out and taking up space. I had someone ask about purchasing a machine and thought maybe it was time to unload a machine or two. It is a beauty, a non computerized machine which means you can do all the maintenance yourself. I pulled it apart and oiled and cleaned it. It has a great carry case and that helps to keep her nice and clean. When I was finished I thought I should take it for a drive. I had been working on some Christmas Mile-a-Minute blocks and decided to add to the block total. What a fun time it was sewing with this machine. I made another twelve 11″ blocks. The stitching is awesome. The sound is awesome. I don’t care what anyone says, these old machines need to be used more often. Yes, they are heavy and you don’t want to pack them around but you sure do want the stitches they produce. This machine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. ;) I guess I’d best start looking for a quarter inch foot, she already has a quilting foot. Have a Little Faith in Me <– ;) I’m sure we can all relate to shedding a few tears over our sewing mishaps and machine blips. Enjoy.

Last August I wrote about both Joan’s and my Featherweight 221 machines. I used mine at our annual Pt Roberts retreat to complete my Bali Pops quilt, Tideline Splash. I’ve also taken her to Victoria and Comox. It’s the perfect size. The table extension is pretty cool too. Did I mention how awesome it sounds? And the stitching? Quilting small items is a lot of fun on this old girl. Betty is my official travel/backup machine and I can’t wait to take her on another road trip.

Back to thinking about unloading some of these extra machines. I still have the Janome Memory 7 that I wrote about (June 2014) when I switched machines to my big Janome Horizon 8900 QCP. They’re computerized so need to go into the shop for servicing. Maybe the Memory 7 can leave home? I don’t count the other two Singers I have as they are antiques and make nice table tops. :D <– This makes me laugh as I was deep in conversation with a woman at work the other day and she was telling me how she was unloading her extra machines. She has at least one serger that is looking for a new home and wondered if I would like to buy it. I managed to escape without it…hmmn.

Below is my first ever machine. I have fond memories of sewing my dolls clothes on this machine.

I received this machine for Christmas in 1961. It is a Singer made in Great Britain. It’s a hand crank that produces a chain stitch. This means it doesn’t need a bobbin. Right now it is minus a needle as I haven’t been able to find the correct size. I’d like to think it would be cool to make a dolls quilt on this little girl.

How many machines do you have? and use?

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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December 2019 Christmas Sew Day

The last MLQ sew day of the last December in the decade happened on December 14th. This Sew day started out as usual with catching up and sewing. Then it was a call to the table to enjoy our pot luck lunch. Special thanks to Joan for that amazing tourtiere & Kathy for her awesome tree shaped rum cake.

After lunch we did our Secret Santa exchange and then it was on to the Ugly Sweaters!  ^Joan’s crew neck Grinch sweater.  This year we decided to make ugly sweater blocks. Those participating in making this very cute block would then be eligible to win the blocks. This pattern was designed by kidgiddy at https://www.etsy.com/listing/260203666/the-original-ugly-christmas-sweater.


Jenny was the first to take Joan up on the challenge and she did indeed make an #UglySweater. There were ten completed blocks with one more block nearing completion. The winner of these blocks was Kadi, and she just happened to be the one who was still finishing her block. Can’t wait to see these 10″ paper pieced blocks all made up into a quilt.

The week before the party I went to Comox to visit Jackie and we decided to make some ugly sweater blocks. Well, truth be told, Jackie didn’t really know what I was talking about when I said let’s make some ugly sweaters!! :D

I’d taken Betty, my Featherweight 221, and a box of Christmas fabrics with me to Jackie’s. We sat down to stitch and before long we were stitch ripping and cursing. Mike gave us some Rum & Eggnog to help us along. It didn’t really help. ;) We stopped for a delicious duck dinner (thanks Mike) and then decided to finish our sweaters. We didn’t count the hrs that went into this 10″ block but I’m sure there was at least 4!! Those first two blocks were full of mistakes but they went into the sweater pile anyway. Sunday morning we decided to give the V-Neck sweaters a go. No sooner did we say, “Hey, this is way better!” than we were ripping out stitches. But once we got past the initial ripping we completed two more sweaters and they too went into the pile.

These two sweaters are definitely the best of the four we made. These last two only took us 2 1/2 hrs each. I might not have mentioned that these are paper pieced blocks. There is something about paper piecing. Sometimes it’s easy to do and other times it’s confounding! Best part of this project was spending the weekend with Jackie and Mike and then getting to go to a MLQ Sew Day Christmas party and share them with everyone else.

I Wish Christmas Could Last Forever by Sean McCann, enjoy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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Some Summer Sewing

August was a very busy month at the sewing machine. Not only did we have an #IBelieveInBlue quilting marathon but we had a wedding shower to prepare for. As reported earlier the Maple Beach Quilters filled a wicker basket with all kinds of wonderful items. The Apron has been much used at our beach retreat ;) so I decided to make Kadi an apron…using a vintage pattern that  I inherited from my grandmother. This pattern would be from Kadi’s great great grandmother, Sarah Tilt. It was a mail order pattern through the Vancouver Sun, dated October 1951. It cost $.35 and another $.02 to mail it.

This is what it says on the mailing envelope: Here is your ANNE ADAMS Pattern. This pattern, pre-tested for perfect fit, is simple to sew. Illustrated instructions show you every step of the way to insure complete satisfaction. Be sure to read the ANNE ADAMS feature regularly in our publication. On the pattern instructions: Made only in Misses’ Apron Sizes Small (14-16) Medium (18-20).  Apron with self fabric bias binding… (it goes on to list size of fabric needed. For purchased binding it requests 7 1/2 yds for the small sized apron)…NOTE–100lb feedbag or 39″ fabric can be used for aprons with purchased binding.

I learned to sew on a treadle machine when I was 6 yrs old but didn’t really start sewing with a pattern until I was 13 yrs old. I’ve read a lot of patterns, learned to draft patterns, taken classes in lingerie making, tailoring, and even the stretch & sew craze. Well this pattern confused me and had me asking another seamstress to read the pattern. I was so happy to know that it wasn’t just me who was having difficulty figuring it out!! I think the biggest problem was you were instructed to match and sew to dots…unfortunately these dots were not marked but punched out of the tissue. And several of these dots hadn’t actually been punched out. :D It’s a very good thing that I have some sewing experience because I just decided to go with what made the most sense.

I also decided to go with making my own binding. The smallest binding I’ve ever made. It needed to be bias & finished at 1/4″ to finish the scalloped edges of the apron. I was originally going to use my Featherweight 221 but since Betty doesn’t have a needle down option I used my big machine that has that option. That’s a lot of slow stitching to get the binding applied properly and a needle down option is like having a third hand!! :)

<— The almost finished apron. There are two apron straps that are done but need to be added during a fitting. Fabric used was Vintage Holiday by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. Did you notice the sizes ^ in the pattern instructions? Since when does a size small fit 14 – 16? It’s a very cute apron. I will make it again but will make some changes to the way it’s assembled.

I’m thinking that perhaps we should do some kind of apron challenge?! Anyone up for it? I’ll get on that for the new year.

The other piece of this summer sewing was a joint venture by Joan and I. I made the top using three Outlander panels. They were cut apart and set between pieces of  Outlander themed fabrics by Andover. The pattern is Tom’s Garden by Denise Olson.

Joan did the quilting in between other customer quilts. We got it done & labeled in time for the September Shower!!

As always, click on the photo to see the larger photo and don’t forget to use your back button!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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2019 Canuck Quilt Delivery Day

September 19, 2019 saw the best part of the 2019 I Believe in Blue quilt campaign, “Delivery Day.” After months of pattern designing, shipping kits, creating quilts, receiving quilts &  flimsies, marathon quilting & binding and finally labeling the quilts…we got to see #LoveHowYouGive at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice happen.

On May 4, 2011 I wrote this: Two of my favourite activities are quilting and watching the Vancouver Canucks play hockey.  With the Canucks in the race for the Stanley Cup I’ve finally decided to get my plan to make quilts for Canuck Place in gear. Canuck Place is a hospice for children living with life-threatening conditions & is family centered in its care. (www.canuckplace.org ) I’d like to be able to give the children and families as many quilts as the Canucks win games on their way to the Stanley Cup final. My hope is for 16!!! Here’s where I insert “Go Canucks Go!!” I have designed a quilt using Canuck colours of blue, green and white. The two white squares in each of the blocks can be appliquéd or embroidered with your favourite numbers or hockey symbols.

Nine years later! I find that so hard to believe! One hundred and forty eight quilts!! This was the first quilt design, one Crossroads block times twelve. I proposed this to Joan and the Neighbours in the Hood, Wanda and Doris, and then on May 16, 2011 I wrote this:   The dream is a reality. The “I Believe in Blue” quilt pattern and fabric kits are ready to go. We are really pleased with the enthusiasm from quilters and non quilters alike. Canuck fans are purchasing kits for their quilting friends to complete and donate to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. The staff at Canuck Place are equally enthusiastic to receive these quilts on behalf of the children and their families… I chose to applique “Burrows 14″ on my quilt as I am a huge fan of Alexandre Burrows. Burrows made it to the NHL undrafted, working his way up from the lowest of leagues until he was signed by the Vancouver Canucks. On April 26, 2011 he had the overtime, game winning goal in game 7 against the Chicago Blackhawks.

When the 2011 quilt campaign began I called it the Run for the Cup. In 2012 we decided that we would keep on quilting for the children and their families and changed the campaign to I Believe in Blue. Every year except 2017 & 2018 has a different pattern. You can check out the “Evolution of the I Believe in Blue quilts” in the post written in August 2018. <–this is the 2019 I Believe in Blue quilt pattern. As always all the quilts made are in the I Believe in Blue 2019 album on our Maple Leaf Quilters Facebook page.



After displaying the quilts in the Great Room we had a lovely visit with Robyn that included coffee and <— these very awesome double chocolate cookies. They were so good that both Joan and I each purchased the Canuck Place Cookbook so that we can make our own!!

The year 2011 was also the 40th Anniversary of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. This year, 2019/2020 season will mark their 50th Anniversary. How awesome would it be if they were able to repeat the 2011 Run for the Cup. And, even as a diehard fan, I have to tell you not to hold your breath! But we can still #BelieveInBlue. ;) :) :D

And to that end <—- this quilt will be the 10th and final #IBelieveInBlue quilt campaign. We will have had an awesome run with our #IBelieveInBlue quilt campaigns, finishing with at least one hundred and sixty four quilts.

As you read earlier, my favourite player is Alex Burrows. I’m so thrilled to have a ticket to go see him inducted into the Vancouver Canucks Ring of Honour on December 3rd!! What a run he had as a Vancouver Canuck…what a run we will have had as #IBelieveInBlue quilt makers for the children and families of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

An especially loud standing ovation to Doris Beckthold, Wanda Shortridge, Jackie Hatfield and Mickey Daniels for being involved right from day one.

Happy Quilting and #LoveHowYouGive …Valerie Raye

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17 years later

It’s September and we’ve just completed our 17th annual Maple Beach Quilt Retreat. As the years go by  You’ve Got a Friend In Me and that’s the truth of it.

Over these 17 years we’ve had some spectacular weather and we would decorate the front of the cabin with completed quilts and relegate the flimsies to the back clothes line. The weather definitely takes the lead in how the weekend unfolds. <– 2006

This was the way we started out…eating civilized at the breakfast table. Over the years I’m sure we could count on one hand how many times we actually ate this way again. But no matter where or how we ate there was always too much delicious food! <– 2003

And it seems that my favourite meal is breakfast. Breakfast on the porch in the sunshine is always the best. And we are still drinking mimosas, Wanda’s tradition to the retreat.  2018 –>

<– It’s always a great day to be a Maple Beach Quilter. Cheers my friends. :)


Over the years we have found other things to do besides sewing. We’ve played games that included Quilto, Quiltopoly and Strip Poker.

We’ve made felted monkeys, cork monkeys, greeting cards and post cards. Lots and lots of creativity.

As earlier stated, the weather plays a part in what we do. Fortunately in 2011 we had high tide and a full moon for a wonderful “Swimming in the Path of the Full Moon” skinny dip ;) This past retreat the weather didn’t allow too much play at the beach.

We had a couple of fairly stormy days. Adam’s crab boat took a hit and landed on the beach. Fortunately all ended well and we were still able to enjoy some crab.

We always seem to be eating and like the proverbial scrap basket, the food never stops growing!


We had a very special event during retreat this year. A Wedding Shower for Kadi. She is the youngest member of our gang and it’s been a joy to watch her graduate from knitting & playing her guitar to be  a full fledged quilter. <– her 2012 tenth anniversary beach quilt.

We’ve watched her graduate from Simon Fraser University. Go on to Queen’s University to complete her education as a physiotherapist. And now she’s getting married! We are all so proud of the young woman she is. From the Maple Beach quilters Kadi received a basket full of all the things mostly pertaining to all that we do at the cabin every September.

Congratulations Kadi! & of course Hayden!

Over the years we have experienced a lot of ups and downs.  But “We’re more than QUILTING FRIENDS…we are like a really small gang.” Together we can achieve most anything. weather or not permitting. ;)

Don’t You Wish It Was True <– for you Kadi

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

PS: thanks again Donna for these awesome tees.


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